If you’re on the East Coast, chances are you’re spending a little time prepping for the Frankenstorm due to hit in the next few days.  Take a little break with us now and check out this week’s top PPC stories, why don’t you?


First, from Google….


The week of November 12, you can expect some changes coming to the Google Conversion Optimizer.  Specifically, 1. when you first activate Conversion Optimizer or Enhanced CPC in a campaign, your ad rotation setting will change to “Optimize for conversions” by default, 2.  all campaigns using Conversion Optimizer or Enhanced CPC which are set to use “Optimize for clicks” will be switched to “Optimize for conversions,” and 3.  when using Conversion Optimizer or Enhanced CPC, campaigns set to “Rotate evenly” will automatically begin to optimize for conversions when ads in an ad group are unchanged after 90 days.”


Also new at AdWords, now iOS app promoters can see app downloads data in AdWords.


Have you experimented with Dynamic Search Ads yet?  These were introduced last year and are officially out of beta.  These ads are supposed to be great for sites with large inventories.  They automatically show your ad based on the content of your website.


Finally from Google this week, get your Google Shopping in good shape for the holidays with some upcoming Google Hangouts about Holiday Bidding Strategies.


And, over at bing….


The title of the article New Bing Ads Reporting – Half the Work, More Than Twice as Fast, really says it all.  According to the article, recent changes in the reporting interface “can help lift reporting productivity by up to 150%!”


Landing page by match type is a new feature from Bing Ads.  This allows you to assign a unique destination URL for each of your bidded keyword match types within the same ad group.  Learn more here.


If you read the Weekly PPC Roundups religiously (and if not, you should be), you may be feeling slightly overwhelmed with all of the new features coming out of Bing.  Have no fear!  Here is a video that breaks down/brings you up to speed on all of the new features!


Finally, elsewhere around the web….


It’s no secret that local search is a hot topic.  A recent Chitika study says that 43% of total Google search queries are local.  Read more in the Search Engine Land (SEL) article here.


Look-a-likes?  Clones?  No, it’s not Star Wars, it’s a way to jumpstart your display ad campaigns, according to this article also from SEL.


Here’s another article from SEL that’s really food for thought.  It takes a deeeeeep look at how and why to use different match types.  Interesting stuff.


Enjoy your weekend everyone and stay safe next week!