It’s that time again, folks! Another Friday is upon us, and it’s time for another look at what’s been happening in the world of PPC.

The big question on marketers’ minds these past few weeks is Google’s sudden decision to remove Authorship profiles from the SERPs. The strangeness of it all surrounds the fact that they’ve basically been promoting the use of Authorship since its launch, which many attributed to the idea that it was another way to encourage use of the Google+ platform.

So why the removal of Authorship photos? Don’t photos increase engagement for those listings? Well, Wordstream has been wondering the same, and they decided to test out their theory. Dying to know? Read on…

Google has vanished…

Apparently, the people at Google are experiencing the same thing…or at least, they haven’t found time to update their official blogs for one reason or another. It’s eerily quiet.

But Bing is still kicking…

While Google is busy catching fireflies, or plotting their next massive algorithm update that will rock the world of SEO, whatever it may be…Bing is busy getting down to business. This week, they’re talking about the many improvements they’ve made and are focusing on within the Bing Ads Network. Call and Location Extensions, for instance, are popular features for AdWords users, so Bing is working hard to provide those same services to advertisers on its network. They’re also promising “renewed  solutions” to make it easier to run your ad campaigns at Bing. Get the scoop here.

Advertisers are getting more clicks with Bing ads, it seems, according to stats that show clicks are up by a whopping 30 percent in the past year. That’s great news if you’re already advertising on Bing or if you’ve been thinking of expanding your PPC efforts to include more than just Google.

If that doesn’t entice you, it seems Bing is a premier opportunity for mobile advertisers. Mobile clicks are up 133 percent. That’s HUGE, people. And among Bing’s 100+ new features is, of course, their Call Extensions, which make the network an especially attractive alternative or supplement to Google for mobile advertisers. Find out more about Bing’s recent successes at the Bing Ads Blog.

And on the rest of the web…

Since we’re talking about ad extensions, you should check out PPC Hero’s overview of ad extensions, which explains the various types of extensions, why they’re useful, who should use them, and when. Get the full rundown here, complete with real-world examples of ad extensions in use.

Consumer behavior is where it’s at! 3Q Digital is delving into an area that we’ve all been aware of for quite some time: The blending of psychology and marketing. Behavioral science is playing a bigger role than ever in marketing, and research is revealing key insights that enable us to better target and engage our audiences like never before. It’s pretty impressive stuff. Get 3Q’s take on the situation here.

What do you have if you have crappy ad copy? Crappy copy equates to crappy CTR and crappy conversions. So to avoid all that crap, take a look at Clix Marketing’s 3 Rules to Write Better Ad Copy:

  1. Think like your customer.
  2. Convey unique value.
  3. Always be testing.

Simple rules, no? Keep these three things in mind every time you’re putting pen to paper — or fingers to keyboard — and you’ll find your ad copy is more powerful and effective. Get the full story at Clix Marketing’s blog.

Clix Marketing also talks about improved statistics for individual sitelinks, something that’s long been a gripe among PPC advertisers that Google has finally taken note of. Now, you can see enhanced statistics when you click the sitelink itself, not just when individual sitelinks are shown. Check it out at the Clix blog.

How well do you know the Knowledge Graph? More importantly, does the Knowledge Graph know you? Rimm Kaufman has an excellent video covering what you need to know about Google’s Knowledge Graph. See it here, or read the transcript.

Backlinks, backlinks, backlinks…we all have a love-hate relationship with them, right? Another great video from Rimm Kaufman, this one reveals how to evaluate your backlink profile, an essential process for every site owner and marketer. Check it out. 

If you’ve had lingering doubts about Google’s motivation to remove Authorship photos from SERPs, Wordstream’s burning curiosity led them to dig into their own research for the answer. And find it, they did: Turns out that the removal of Authorship photos does, in fact, boost CTR. So, Google actually did you all a favor with their perplexing move to do away with a feature they so heavily touted for so long. See it in action at Wordstream.

Another week, another PPC roundup, and one burning question remains: Where the heck is Google? Will they emerge from their seemingly indefinite slumber to grace our screens with insights and information in time for next week’s roundup, or will we be continuing to listen to the sound of crickets chirping from Google-ville? Better yet, what IS Google up to that they’ve been so eerily quiet these past few weeks? Tune in next week to find out!