We’re still in an in-between place where the holidays are over, but we’re not *quite* back in work mode yet.  At least not 100%.  How about you?  Hopefully, tomorrow + caffeine will get us back in gear.  Could the same thing be going on at our favorite search engines?  The Google AdWords Insights blog has been pretty quiet as of late.  There was only one story from it this past week and it was pretty light on the PPC.


First, from Google……


Five resolutions for better search management in 2013 is an article from the DoubleClick team that recommends 5 resolutions and how Google can help you out.  These include:  I will remember important dates (with Google Calendar), I will go to bed earlier (thanks to DoubleClick scheduling features), I will save more money for a rainy day (with Search Budget pacing reports), I will be a better listener (with the Performance Bidding Suite), and I will spend more time with family (and close the loop with display remarketing).  Thanks for the help, Google!!!!!


Now, from Bing Ads…..


Bing Ads also only has one story to report this week! Clickshare: A Story That Takes Place in Many ‘Singles Bars’ describes the feature which is part of the Share of Voice Report.  Check out the article to learn more about how Clickshare is calculated and how/why you should use it.  The author uses a story about a guy in a bar to break it down.


From elsewhere…..


AdWords makes the Huffington Post!  In Political Campaigns and Google AdWords Ethics the author outlines why he thinks “The good news is that it’s much cheaper for a campaign to use AdWords in an ethical manner than it is for negative campaigns to try to destroy opponents with it.”  An interesting read.


From Clickz:  12 PPC Resolutions for 2013 offers a good rundown of what search marketers need to keep an eye on for the coming year to not be overcome by new features, higher CPCs, and mobile traffic.  The list starts with Quality Score, Quality Score, Quality Score and ends with Consider adaptive design and personalization. Read it for some good tips.


Marketing Land analyzes whether Google Is  Using AdWords Express Budgets To Promote Google+?  The author argues that by recommending business owners drive traffic to their Google+ page with AdWords Express, Google is making the economic barrier to entry for online advertising even lower for those who don’t have a website.  Interesting.


Search Engine Watch gives us some ideas for how to Be A PPC Leader in 2013: 5 Top Trends.  These trends include increase in mobile (of course), greater use of video, and dynamic content and ads.  Check out the article for the full list.


Hopefully you aren’t getting weary of tips and lists!  Because Search Engine Land has this article for you- January Survival Tips For Search Marketers: Revisit Your Budget, Rest Up – The Superbowl Is Coming.


From Search Engine Journal:  some solid tips for making sure your website can convert visitors once you get them there in 5 Inbound Lead Generation Lessons in Building Trust with Your Website.


That’s it for this week, folks!  Have a great week!