Is it hot and sticky in your neck of the woods? Because it sure is in New England. We’ve had some serious humidity in the past week, but we’re not letting it get to us! We diligently bring this week’s Weekly PPC Roundup to you, our loyal readers, from the deep swamps of Boston.


There are some time sensitive pieces in this week’s Roundup that can save you serious $$, so read carefully. Let’s begin with updates from the search platforms themselves, shall we?


If you missed Hangouts that Google organized to bring advertisers up to date on the new Google Shopping, you can find them here.  You will find an overview, ad creation and performance optimization tips, and Google Trusted Stores overview and setup.


Also, if you haven’t transitioned to Google Shopping yet, you should do it soon for several reasons. First, you are probably losing out on clicks. Google says “advertisers who are promoting their products with Product Listing Ads will have better positioning and increased traffic.”


Also, if you are compliant with the new Google Shopping policies by 8/15, you’ll receive discounts on your ad spend.


If you are looking for some learning and networking opportunities, Search Engine Journal gives a nice breakdown of search engine marketing webinars and events occurring in August.


In the AdWords forum at Webmaster World, there’s been a lengthy discussion this week on the pros and cons of having Google build your campaigns. Have you experimented with letting your account rep help you out here?


The adCenter blog offers some tips on how to get your keywords out of pending status. There are a few things you can do, including filing a “pending expedite” request and qualifying for an exception that will allow you to bypass the manual review.


Elsewhere, we found some good ideas for you to use in your campaigns.


In 3 Steps To Understanding When, Where & How In B2B SEM, Brad Neelan recommends techniques for figuring out when B2B customers are looking, what type of devices they are using, and how to best target for these behaviors.


Matt Lawson presents the final installment of his series about testing different PPC variables in Creative Testing For The Advanced Search Marketer, Part 3,. He recommends rotating ads evenly, making sure tracking is in place before each text, and stopping the test once statistical significance is reached.


A promoted blog post at SEOMoz gives us 6 Ways that Google Ad Extensions Can Improve Your AdWords Campaign. Google reports that using ad extensions can increase CTR by an average of 30%, so why aren’t more of us using them?


And that wraps up this week’s post. Come back next week for the top stories in PPC and have a great weekend!