Happy Sunday to you!  Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and are noticing the days getting longer too.  Welcome to this week’s edition of the best PPC news of the week.


Starting with some really good news about non-brand keywords from Google…


If you’ve always had a hunch that your non-brand search campaigns are working better than your reporting shows, there’s good news that validates this. A case study from Google shows how lastminute.com conducted a randomized experiment to see  if  ‘Last Click’ based tracking underestimates the true value of non-brand search advertising.  “The results of the experiment indicate that the overall effectiveness of the non-brand search advertising is 43% greater  than the estimate generated by lastminute.com’s standard online tracking system.”  You can read the whole case study here.


On a similar note, have you used Search Funnels to help better attribute conversions?  Here’s a quick primer on how they work.


And, here’s more information on a similar topic:   Multi-Channel Funnels in Google Analytics reports show what channels customers interacted with during the 30 days before conversion or purchase.  Check it out here.


Now, from Bing Ads……


Bing recently launched two new features.  First, is Inline Editorial Appeals where you can appeal all of the rejected items in one click and view appealed items by category and appeal by category.  Second, is an improved Keyword Tool that that lets you apply new filters to your keyword research, including:

  • Devices
  • Brand Names
  • Max # Suggestions


In the article PPC Manager Advice on How To Use Bing Ads to Leverage Your Business, a PPC manager gives some solid advice on setting up and managing Bing Ads accounts. He also calls out the nugget: “People searching on the Bing Ads network are typically more affluent, spend more money online (21.5% more to be exact) and make easier spending decisions online.”


Finally, from Bing Ads Blog this week, an article that has nothing to do with PPC titled:  10 Marketing Tips That Don’t Cost a Penny! Enjoy!


And, from elsewhere on the world wide webs……


Search Engine Land alerts us that “the cost-per-click across Google’s advertising business — increased approximately 2% in the fourth quarter, as compared to the third quarter, after several consecutive quarters of decline.”
In PLAs are Here to Stay: A Few Tips on How to Take Advantage from Search Engine Watch, we learn that “marketers weren’t taking away from their SEM budgets to support PLA’s” and that a lot of spend on PLAs was largely incremental spend.  What do you think?


Finally, from Search Engine Journal: 7 eCommerce SEO Tips for 2013 gives us some ideas to get our websites in optimal shape for paid AND organic search traffic.


That’s it for this week, friends!  Stay warm and enjoy the last few hours of your weekend.