Happy Friday, PPC enthusiasts! For some of you, your campaigns are winding down for the week while others are gearing up for a heavy-hitting weekend advertising boom. Whether you’re targeting a B2B or B2C audience, we have all kinds of useful tips and tidbits to share with you this week.

Admit it, you missed Google! Well, they’re back and better than ever with several announcements as well as some handy tips you might find useful as you ramp up your campaigns through this summer and beyond. And Bing isn’t falling short either, with some excellent food for thought on the nature of the World Wide Web at large and some incredibly insightful advice for thinking about your digital marketing campaigns in the context of the modern world.


Great stuff in today’s roundup, so let’s get to it.


Google is back in full force…

You know Google: always linking up the many Google properties to make sure users are fully saturated across their product portfolio. So it shouldn’t come as a big shock that Google My Business and AdWords are now syncing up for business locations. By linking Google My Business with your AdWords account, you can automatically display your business location information across every ad campaign rather than having to add location extensions on a campaign level. Simpler is better, and this new option won’t disappoint. More details here.

AdWords Express, you may know, was introduced to streamline the process of PPC advertising for time-strapped small businesses. With the AdWords Express app, you can even manage your ad campaigns on the go. Now, Google has added more targeting features for more focused campaigns while still taking advantage of the sheer simplicity of the Express program, refining your target audience to a specific geographic region and enabling prospects to get directions, call your company or visit your website in a simple click.

The best thing about AdWords Express, however, is that you can easily track every call back to your ads with call reporting. If you’ve been sitting on the fence about dipping into PPC and worried about the time commitment, AdWords Express is your ticket to a successful, easy-to-manage campaign. Get more details from InsideAdWords here.

Did you hear that traditional Product Listing Ads are retiring? In less than eight weeks, they’ll be gone forever. Well, 85% of PLA users have already fully upgraded to Shopping campaigns, and Google has introduced two new features to simplify bid optimization:

  • Bulk Uploads: Download a product group report, edit bids and destination URLs, and import all your changes at once.
  • AdWords Editor: The latest version of AdWords Editor doesn’t support the creation of Shopping campaigns or product groups. This must be handled in your main AdWords dashboard – so make sure you plan accordingly to create campaigns and subdivide groups directly in AdWords.

Product Listing Ads are waving bye-bye at the end of August, so be sure to check out the Inside AdWords blog for more details on the new Shopping campaigns.

If you use Google’s DoubleClick platform, you now have access to Active View reporting, providing a “common, integrated metric to evaluate and compare the viewability of impressions across the web.” As the Media Rating Council lifted its advisory on refraining from using viewable impressions as an advertising currency back in March, you’ll see viewable impressions move towards a standard. Read more at the DoubleClick Advertiser Blog.

Google’s Art, Copy & Code campaign partners with Nike, Wieden + Kennedy, Mindshare and Grow in its latest collaboration. Nike’s “Phenomenal Shot” campaign offers a new take on watching live sports, with a comprehensive, real-time campaign enabling global fans to participate and engage in pivotal moments just moments after they happen on-screen across devices. It’s the wave of the future in advertising, folks. Learn more about Nike’s fantastic blend of media for a multi-device experience at the Agency Blog.


Moving on to Bing…

Bing has a pretty great post with important tips for digital marketers, such as making sure your campaigns are carefully integrated to maximize your results, the increasing necessity to fully understand audience intent, and more. Basically, they’ve hit the nail on the hit with key considerations that are essential for marketing in the modern landscape. Read it here.

Bing continues on its merry way with more feature enhancements to make your advertising experience that much sweeter. The latest? Inline bid suggestions and keyword delivery status insight. It’s like they’re reading your mind. Either that, or they’re just really fabulous at gathering data and putting it to use. Get the details at the Bing Ads Blog.

Speaking of all that data that makes it possible to basically get inside your audience’s head, Bing touches on that very subject in another post about the “World Wide Web” and its vast capabilities that are all really based on a series of questions and answers. It’s a pretty intriguing post, especially if you’re into the psychology of it all. Check it out.

I love Canada. Seriously, everyone I’ve ever met from Canada is nothing short of pure awesomeness. With 15 million unique searchers representing 275 million searches per month in the big C, Bing is a promising channel for reaching all those awesome peeps. Check out Bing’s latest case studies on two Canadian advertising agencies who discovered the power of Bing.


Let’s check in with the rest of the web…

If Bing’s psychology focus excited you as much as it excited me, you’ll love PPC Hero’s look at correlation and causation in paid search. Face it: We’re living in a world of data, and when you dig into data, you’re digging into psychology. You don’t have to start talking in full-on psycho-lingo, but correlation and causation are two terms you must understand. Get the scoop here.

PPC Hero also addresses one of the most pressing questions plaguing the minds of paid advertisers everywhere: What’s a good CTR? Check out PPC Hero for the reveal.

Hey, we all need a little skills refresher now and then, don’t we? That’s why you’re reading this roundup, after all…okay, okay, it might be because you can’t live without my weekly dose of charismatic charm. But at any rate, PPC is a tough nut to crack and we can all get a little burnt out now and then. Find out how to reduce PPC burnout and refresh your skills at Clix Marketing.

The world of web spam as we know it is about to turn on its head: Matt Cutts is taking a leave of absence. After you pick yourself up off the floor, head on over to WordStream for the details on his (temporary, relax) leave and what it means for you and Google.

Rimm Kaufman has released its RKG Digital Marketing Report for Q2 2014. This thing is jam-packed with over 50 charts and graphs (this excites me as much as the psycho-speak) and loads – I mean tons – of useful data and insights. Learn more about what’s in the report and snag your copy here.


Well, after a week or two of slow PPC news, we’ve certainly made up for it this week, haven’t we? I’ve probably given you enough food for thought to keep your wheels spinning furiously over the next week, so I’ll let you go start working on recharging those PPC batteries. Enjoy your weekend, folks!