There are a couple of topics we can’t seem to get away from this week in the search marketing and social media world — Google’s new Privacy updates, and Pinterest, which has seemingly exploded and is taking over the social media landscape, with accounts from Fortune 500s, celebs, artists, teens and tweens, you name it. Monetate, who happens to be supporting the ad testing contest we told you about earlier in the week, has released a fabulous infographic zeroing in on Pinterest’s breakthrough.


Search Engine Journal has included the infographic along with some staggering statistics in a recent post referring to Pinterest as a “referral giant”. Stats are showing that Pinterest is currently driving more traffic than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn…combined. Are you pinning yet?


Moving onto our other hot topic this week — Google’s Privacy Changes. If you have a Google account, then it’s pretty impossible that you’ve missed this, even if you’ve skimmed past the “hey you!” screen attempting to tell you what’s changed and why it’s important. Elisa Gabbert at WordStream gives us a great rundown of all of the ins and outs of the privacy policy and the stir it’s caused across the blogosphere in her post “Google Goes Evil … Again: The New Google Privacy Policy, Now Less Private“. As you can imagine, there are many making their voices heard on both sides of the fence, with some walking away from Google altogether. There are even claims that the new policy may violate HIPAA. Where do you stand on the issue? We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments.


If you’ve managed to pry yourself away from privacy and Pinterest, how bout a couple more ‘P’s? PPC, that is. Are you feeling stuck? It’s about this time of the year when new year’s resolutions start to fall by the wayside and we lose our momentum. Well, there’s hope, at least for your PPC campaign! Kevin Gibbons offers 6 Steps for Kickstarting Your PPC Campaign that are sure to have you back on track.


The folks at PPC Hero must have caught that same vibe, and offer help in a post by Jeff Allen –“Tips for Shaking Off PPC Frustration“. Jeff helps you from start to finish by first helping you to identify what the problem really is, and then offering suggestions for how to solve it.


Have you been wondering how Search Plus Your World (SPYW) impacts your SEM efforts? With so many changes going on at Google in the past few months, it can feel overwhelming. Not to fear. Glenn Gabe at Search Engine Journal has a really in-depth, helpful post to carry you through as you navigate the changes and try to keep your campaigns ahead of the Google game. His post, “AdWords, Plus Your World – 7 Examples of How SPYW Could Impact SEM” is a must-read, particularly with the privacy updates affecting everything, from email to PPC.


How about social media? Are you feeling similar frustrations and overwhelm? Well this week it seems that the entire blogosphere is all about helping and relieving this stress. Flowtown has put together a social media cheat sheet to help you keep track of everything in one place.


And for some analytics help, Carrie Hill at Search Engine Land comes to your aid with her article “5 Common Tracking Problems: How to Troubleshoot & Fix Them