Tis the season for the best PPC posts of the week, so gather ‘round faithful readers.  Pull up a chair to the warm glow of your laptop and enjoy this week’s roundup!


First, a look at Google AdWords news….


Conversion codes, tracking codes, marketing automation codes.  How many codes do we deal with on a daily basis?  This post from Google is a recap (with a link to the actual presentation) of a webinar about Google Tag Manager.  The post itself gets deep into the weeds of how Tag Manager works, including some Q&A’s.


If you know anyone who has never used AdWords Express, you can let them know that Google’s offering a free month of advertising to new users in the US!  Read more details in the post itself.  The sooner you sign up, the better as the deal only lasts until the end of December.


The more conversion tracking, the better, we like to say.  Google gives some updates on its click-to-call features offered through AdWords.  This coming week on December 5, there will be a webinar for those new to using call extensions.  You can get full details and register for Capturing the Full Value of Mobile with Click-to-Call and Google Forwarding Numbers here.


Next, from Bing Ads…….


Have you run into issues when importing AdWords campaigns into Bing Ads?  This article outlines several common issues that advertisers face when doing so.  The issues mostly center on location targeting, editorial issues, and bids and budgets.  You can find all of these problems under the Resolve Compatibility Issues step in the import process.


Not one to be topped by AdWords (see above article about the month of free advertising), Bing announces a contest where you can win $5,000 in Bing Ads credit.  Enter once per day between now and 12/31.  Good luck!


Finally, from elsewhere around the web…..


Bing slams Google Shopping in a SCROOGLED ad.  Have you seen it?  If not, you can see it and some commentary at Search Engine Journal.


Search Engine Land argues that Bing doesn’t really have a leg to stand on as they employ the same techniques they find questionable in Google.


It’s that time of year again, Bing announces the top searches of 2012.  This quote from Search Engine Journal basically sums up the kind of insight you can get from the report “While it’s all in good fun, I doubt many professionals will find it useful, unless you can find a way to apply the Kardashian marketing model to your construction business.”  LOL.


Ask did a similar roundup of the most popular searches in America this year.  Check out the post “What Did Americans Think About 2012?” to see what we were collectively looking for online.


That’s it for this week, dear readers.  Stay warm and have a great upcoming week!