Today was a perfect fall day. The air was crisp, the sky blue and the sun bright. ‘Tis the season for football! We’re already out of the office NFL survivor pool, though, so we are just moping around inside and bringing you the latest news from PPC land instead. And, this week, there was a lot!


First, from Google:


If you use AdWords to advertise apps (that’s a mouthful), you should check out this article on using the Conversion Optimizer to “help you drive efficient app installs at scale.” Google recommends “instead of a traditional CPC bid, you can set a target cost per acquisition (CPA), based on your average cost per download” to improve conversion rates and costs.


If you were hoping to work in your AdWords account next Saturday, September 22nd, you may want to find something else to do.  From 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. PST, you will not be able to log in to your account and make any changes.  Also, automated rules will not be running during this time.  Read more here.


Ever wonder about Google’s quality control process for ads?  This article includes instructions for what to do if your legit ad gets trapped in the net of Google’s automated quality review.


In Enhanced Sitelinks Rolling Out Globally, Google gives tips on how to get enhanced Sitelinks to show up in your ads.  Tips include:  keeping your ad in the top results (vs side) as enhanced sitelinks can only show when your ad is above the organic search results; adding 6-10 sitelinks, each with a unique landing page; and, having multiple active ads in your account with the same landing page URLs as your sitelinks.  Read the article for more details.


In Google Shopping: momentum and merchant success, you can see how Google is making it easier for advertisers to transition to the new system, some preliminary client results, and more.


Finally, from Google, you can see updated advertising policies here.


Meanwhile, over at Microsoft:


In case you live under a rock (joking),Microsoft adCenter is now Bing Ads! Also from Bing, here are instructions on how to import your AdWords campaigns into Bing Ads.  Lastly from Bing, in  New Feature Debut: Introducing Editorial Exceptions in Bing Ads you can learn more about how to manage Editorial through the Bing API.


And, elsewhere:


It’s always good to improve efficiency, so Advanced Excel For PPC: How To Work With Match Types Using VBA Code from Search Engine Land shows how you can do just that!


Search Engine Watch offers some tips for getting your PPC campaigns ready for the holidays with 3 Tips for Holiday Preparation in 2012, including budgeting, mobile, and quality.


Finally, from Search Engine Watch’s Product Ads 101:  A Real Look at PLAs, Debunking Hype & Fear, you can read a comprehensive take on how this will change the current Google Shopping landscape for advertisers.  Just in time for the 10/1 transition deadline!


That’s all for this weekend, everyone!  Enjoy the football game(s) of your choice!