As the weekend is rapidly winding down, we bring you the latest and greatest PPC stories from the interwebz over the past week.  What better way to end your weekend, than with a nice cup of hot, toasty PPC news?!?


First, from our friends at Google


In Measure Your Success: Call Reporting Now Available in AdWords Express, we learned that now AdWords Express can access call reporting, right from the AdWords Express dashboard.


The new Google shopping gets a shout out in the article Showcase your promotions and get your customers’ attention. Retailers can now add promotions to their Google Shopping feeds.  They can also show their promotions on Google Maps and other Google products.


And over at bing….


Keyword destination URLs are a hot topic over at bing.  Learn more about the new features for customizing URLs in bing ads here.


If you are looking for the freshest updates on bing’s API, you can find them here and here.  There is some sunsetting and some sandboxing going on here, so go take a look.


bing has added some details for enhancing local-based searches.  More specifically “Starting now, you can reach users who may be searching for your business at a certain location even if they are physically not present there.”  Read the whole article here.


If you missed the recent announcement that bing will have sitelinks as an option for advertisers, do not fret.  There’s a video here that gives a nice breakdown of the new feature.


This article urges you to get busy planning your strategy for PPC for this coming holiday season, especially as eMarketer announces that “online holiday sales will post strong growth for the fourth consecutive year, with online sales in November and December rising 16.8% compared with last year.”  Read the whole article here.


From other parts of the search universe….


Been wondering how the transition to Google Shopping has been going?  Wonder no more!  Search Engine Land has a good article that reveals the company “is listing more than a billion products from tens of thousands of merchants and over 100,000 sellers.”  Wow, that could be a moneymaker.


There would be no PPC without landing pages, so we like to include a little landing page insight once in a while, like this one: Can You Really Increase Conversions By Decreasing Engagement? Find the answer to this and other questions in this interesting article.


Finally, Search Engine Journal’s Weekly Webinars and Events article is food for thought if you’ve been wanting to learn some new tricks.


That’s it everyone, enjoy the last precious minutes of your weekend!