We empathize with that cute little girl from Colorado who’s sick of hearing about the election.  How about you?  Let’s focus for a little bit on something else for a bit.  Take a moment to check out the latest stories from the world of PPC.


First, from Google


If you’re interested in remarketing (aren’t we all?), there are some great Google AdWords webinars coming up.  In November and into December are four webinars about remarketing, including:  How to use YouTube and Video Remarketing; Getting Started with the New Remarketing Tag, Getting Started with Similar Audiences, and Remarketing with Google Analytics. Click here for the registration link.


Google’s using the AdWords blog for a little cross marketing for Google+.  If you’re interested in seeing how Chris Brogan grew his Google+ network (maybe it’s because he’s Chris Brogan), you should attend an on-air Hangout called “Google+ for Business.”  Register here.


We’ve all used Google AdWords forums, and Google has taken time out to thank the top contributors to AdWords Communities with a trip to Mountain View for an AdWords Communities Summit.  You can see a re-cap of this week that brought together over 50 of the most prolific contributors to the AdWords Communities from 20 countries.


Did you take our advice in early October and download your Impression Share reports?  If not, the deadline is quickly approaching to do so.  Otherwise, you won’t have access to pre-October 2012 data!


Meanwhile, over at Bing Ads……


Bing’s got an interesting new reporting option that will be available soon.  The Quality Impact report allows you to see what kind of improvement you can gain from improving your Quality Score.  The Quality Impact score has 4 outputs, that can help you decide where to prioritize your optimization efforts.


Have you been feeling down lately?  Take heart!  Bing says that you will “be delighted” by the new default reporting tool, which includes hour of the day, day of the week, and a click to share option in Share of Voice!


And, elsewhere around the web….


Search Engine Land gives advice for How To Easily Manage & Test Millions Of Ads.  Advice includes:  creating lots of ads,  testing the head terms or the most expensive terms, creating a testing schedule, making a list of everything you need to know about your ads so that you can test and determine your winners, and much, much more.  A good read!


No surprise that Google still dominates the paid search landscape, but a recent study shows Paid Search Yahoo/Bing’s Click Share Grows.  Ad spend has increased here according to multiple surveys.


If you’ve wondered about advertising via LinkedIn ads, HubSpot has a good article for you called Why B2B Marketers Might Want to Cozy Up to LinkedIn Ads.