Another week has come and gone, so it’s time to see what’s new and exciting in the world of PPC. Lots happening this week, including some valuable new tools to help you boost app engagement, crazy success with video, and, natch, stats about the World Cup.

For instance, the World Cup is being searched for four times more frequently than coffee. That’s serious business, right there. If you need your coffee even half as much as I do, you understand the gravity of this situation. Basically, we love our soccer. Or football, if you prefer. Either way, I’m down. Hook me up with some World Cup and a cup o’ joe and I’m good to go.

Check out Think with Google’s ongoing coverage of World Cup stats and figures based on search trends with the event that’s capturing the world’s attention.

What else is going on in the Google-verse?

Do you have an app? Getting one is easier than ever now that there are dozens of tools that make it both easy and affordable to develop your own app. If you do have an app, Google wants to help you get more engagement with enhanced app category targeting on the AdMob network and interstitial video ads. Cool stuff. Get the full story at the AdWords Blog.

Quality Score is critical to your success with Google AdWords. There’s no getting around it. But really, your Quality Score should improve as a result of the efforts you’re putting forth to increase ad effectiveness with your audience, anyway. Things like relevance and landing page experience are both critical to conversions and impact your Quality Score. And, those things will boost your CTR, which in turn also improves your Quality Score. No-brainer here, folks.

To that end, Google has released a new guide to help you understand your Quality Score and how it plays into the AdWords auction. One important point to note: Google’s stance is that your Quality Score should be a “helpful diagnostic tool, not a key performance indicator.” While it points to the overall health of your ads, you shouldn’t necessarily make it a central focus of your campaigns…according to Google. More on that later. Google also points out what matters when it comes to Quality Score:

  • Don’t forget about the mobile experience. Match mobile targeting to the right campaigns and landing pages to ensure the best possible user experience and to maximize conversion rates.
  • Be sure to explore related keywords and invest in areas where you’re seeing the best results and having the most influence with high-quality ads.
  • Know your users’ intent. Think from your audience’s perspective and match your ads and landing pages to what users are looking for.

Check out the whitepaper for more tips on getting the most out of your ads and boosting your Quality Score.

More opportunities for Google Partners this week, as Google has introduced an advanced certification for video advertising. The certification is focused on experts with knowledge of video advertising on YouTube and the Google Display Network, offering recognition and ways to help those experts share their knowledge with clients. Get more details about becoming a Google Partner and earning certifications, and check out the AdWords Agency Blog for more info on the new advanced video cert option.

Speaking of video, Google recently released its Q1 2014 YouTube Insights report, with some intriguing success stories from brands. Turns out that 31 is the magic number: Brands that realize the most success publish an average of 31 videos per month on the massive video network. Which equates to roughly one video per day. Wowzers. Good thing making videos doesn’t require a whole production team, eh?

Go local with Bing…

Need to capture the attention of local customers? Local and mobile are a match made in heaven, and Bing wants to help you capture more local business with some useful tips for location targeting on the Bing Ads network.

Going back to the basics, Bing is offering some beginner tutorials to help new advertisers understand what makes search advertising successful. This post covers conversion tracking and how you can use it to gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Ready to start tracking some analytics but not sure where to start? This step-by-step tutorial walks you through enabling analytics in your Bing Ads dashboard.

And elsewhere on the web…

So, remember what we said earlier about Google’s view that Quality Score shouldn’t be a KPI? Well, that kinda contradicts logic a bit, doesn’t it? Wordstream shares its take on the whole Quality Score resource and the downplaying of the importance of Quality Score.

They are happy about the fact that Google is finally admitting the importance of related keywords. After much speculation and pretty hard-core evidence that keyword variations matter, Google finally decides to confirm what we already knew was true. This is a must-read if you’ve read Google’s whitepaper with essential insights into the actual advertising trenches. Check it out.

PPCHero has a pretty amazing post on various audience combinations for AdWords Dynamic Remarketing, and the pros and cons of each. Author Matt Umbro is a huge fan of the AdWords Dynamic Remarketing program and has seen incredible results for his clients. Definitely one to check out! More here.

Few things in life are more nerve-wracking than launching a new campaign. Over-spending in the initial launch days is easy to do, since you’re in trial-and-error mode and have little to no data on the specifics of this particular campaign to build off of. I know, go big or go home, right?

Before you go all out, though, think about the fact that you want some initial data to base campaign alterations on so that you can put more of your cashola where it counts. Hit up 3Q Digital for some more useful tips for a successful campaign launch.

Oh, remember those Google Shopping feed specification updates we told you about last week? Certified Knowledge has the full breakdown of what to expect on September 30th. RKG has some useful insights about how the changes will actually benefit your campaigns. In other words, time to stop griping about yet-more-changes from Google and look at the bright side. Remember, I’m a glass-half-full kinda guy.

Plenty of juicy reading material for catching up during World Cup commercial breaks, yes? Be sure to post some of those World Cup search stats to impress your friends and followers. Time to get back to watching…