Enhanced Campaigns are here now to stay, and it doesn’t appear the world has changed that much.  Would love to hear if you have any experiences to share in the comments section about how they’ve affected you, if at all.


Let’s see what the past week brought us in PPC news


First, from Google……….


The top 4 tips that Google has for optimizing Enhanced Campaigns include:  reviewing your mobile bid adjustments, identifying overlapping keywords between campaigns, verifying that the Display Network is showing your ads where you want it to, and using other various upgrades released in tandem with Enhanced Campaigns.


Surely your Google AdWords accounts are linked to your Google Analytics accounts, right?  We are pretty excited about the new announcement that bid adjustments can now be accessed via Google Analytics at Traffic Sources > Advertising >AdWords then clicking the Bid Adjustments link.  This makes it easier to “optimize for ROI instead of CPA goals”, according to Google.


The AdWords Help Center got a makeover!!!  Check it out here.


Finally, from Google this week, we aren’t really sure what this means, but a Quality Score reporting update will “tie your 1-10 numeric Quality Score more closely to its three key sub factors — expected clickthrough rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience.”  Ummmm, isn’t that what it was tied to before?


Search Engine Land speculates that “we will see fewer 7s and more 5s and 6s — maybe even an 8 here and there.”


Next, from Bing Ads……..


Not surprisingly, Google Enhanced Campaigns have some snafus when being imported to Bing Ads.  Temporary incompatibilities include  Bing Ads not recognizing mobile device preferences, not recognizing mobile device preference when specified on ad extensions, not recognizing value track parameters, not recognizing radius targeting, and perhaps most importantly – not recognizing bid adjustments not in increments of 10%.  Check your p’s and q’s!  Fixes are supposed to occur with the Fall Bing Ads release.


Bing Ads is now live in Australia and New Zealand!


Bing Product Ads are currently in closed beta, with many advertisers hopeful that they’ll be available by the holidays.  Microsoft Advertising GM says “We are on track to release Product Ads in Q3 of this year. We have invited a targeted set of U.S. advertisers to participate in a ‘closed beta'”.  Not sure if this means they’ll be released to beta users only?


That’s the hottest news for this week, ladies and gentlemen.  Hope your upcoming week is great!