Hope you all had a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend! Memorial Day is sort of the unofficial kick-off to the summer season, with warmer weather finally reaching most parts of the U.S. and, of course, days getting longer and sun shining brighter. For advertisers, now is the time to kick your summer ad campaigns into high gear. People are gearing up to take vacations, day trips, and get out and about more now that the weather is warm. How are you capitalizing on the change in season in your ad campaigns?

We’ve been talking about “moments” now for a few weeks, and today’s PPC update has more information on how advertisers can use digital media to engage with consumers during these key moments of opportunity – as well as how some major brands are capitalizing on moments. Also, find out about a free opportunity from Bing to capture the attention of more local consumers, some upcoming, not-to-miss events, and more.

Ready, set, go…


Hey Google, what’s new?

On June 17th, you have the opportunity to watch a live stream keynote from the DoubleClick Leadership Summit, Google’s annual event that explores the future of digital marketing. The topic du jour? A conversation exploring the future of digital in a moments-driven world.

Industry leaders will be tackling some of the biggest questions facing digital marketers today, such as:

  • What the rapid growth of mobile means for marketing and content creation
  • What’s up next for programmatic in its ongoing evolution as a brand-building tool for reaching consumers in the moments that matter
  • How the industry can understand and measure the full consumer journey, now that it happens in moments spread across multiple screens and devices

Who will be sharing all these insights? I thought you’d never ask. It’s a pretty impressive lineup of thought leaders, including:

  • Neal Mohan, VP of Display and Video Advertising at Google
  • Laura Desmond, CEO at Starcom MediaVest Group
  • Meredith Kopit Levien, EVP and CRO at The New York Times Company

So, mark your calendars, because this live stream is pretty much the next best thing to being there. More details here, or just go here to register.

On the DoubleClick Advertiser Blog, check out this post for a breakdown of all the features added to DoubleClick Search in April. And, you can also watch the New Features Training video for a more detailed rundown of how to get the most out of the latest feature rollout from DoubleClick Search.

Analytics and attribution. Do you need one, or both? It’s about both working together, and this post on Think with Google explains how to use the two harmoniously for better measurement.

Lately we’ve been talking a lot about “moments.” I want to go, I want to know, I want to do, and so on. These moments spell big opportunities in search, and, particularly mobile and video marketing. In fact, 91 percent of smartphone users turn to their devices for ideas and advice while in the process of completing tasks. In this Think with Google post, David Mogensen reveals how brands like Home Depot are using mobile video to reach consumers in these key ‘I want to do’ micro-moments.


Bing, what’s the scoop?

Have you hit up one of those Bing Ads Connect events yet? If you’re near Chicago, Seattle, or Los Angeles, your chance is coming up in June. The events will be held on:

  • Friday, June 5th in Chicago
  • Wednesday, June 10th in Redmond, WA
  • Wednesday, June 17th in Los Angeles

Check out this post for more details on why you should be there and registration links.

You can reach local customers with Bing Places for Business, a free service from Bing that allows businesses to connect with local consumers. It’s pretty simple, really. All you need to do is go to Bing Places for Business and claim your listing.

Claiming your Bing Places for Business listing means your business can show up for local searches in Bing, and you can add helpful information to attract more customers, like your hours of operation, photos, services you offer, and more. It doesn’t matter what type of business you have. Bing Places for Business has options for:

  • Local or small businesses with a storefront
  • Chain businesses with multiple physical locations
  • Businesses offering services at customer locations

Again – it’s free, so there’s really no excuse to pass up the opportunity. Check out this post for details.

This week, Bing is also sharing some updates to how it matches keywords. Bing has started the process of normalizing search terms that include stop words (“a,” “an,” “the,” and that sort of thing) so that they are all treated the same way in a search query. Also, the opt-out capability for close variants went away on May 21st, but most advertisers won’t see an impact from this change as advertisers have been automatically opted-in for some time now.

Here’s the important part: In order to make sure the transition goes as smoothly as possible, Bing will ramp up normalization and close variant changes on small amounts of traffic over the next few weeks to better assess the impact before a large-scale rollout. Get all the details here.


And let’s take a casual stroll around the web-at-large…

Using all the recommended best practices for writing headlines for your ads, but still not getting clicks? This post from PPCHero explains why the “gold standard” approach of including the user’s search query in your ad headlines may be failing you. (Even though AdWords offers dynamic keyword insertion to make this practice even simpler.) The problem, you see, is that everyone’s doing it. And you want to be different. Check out the article for tips on using value proposition-based ad headlines for better results.

Google’s new Cohort Analysis Tool can help you discover hidden profits. This post from 3QDigital explains how. Profits will hide from you no more!

Landing page optimization. You know you should be doing it, but you’re not sure where to start…or, you’ve been relying on the same old A/B tests but not really digging in to an all-out, comprehensive optimization testing process. Good news: It doesn’t have to take an eternity. Check out this 10-minute guide to LPO from 3QDigital for a quick-and-dirty, yet equally thorough, guide to optimization testing for your landing pages.

In October, Facebook added call-to-action buttons to newsfeed ads, allowing consumers to click to call or get directions. If you’re not yet taking advantage of this feature, check out this post from Clix Marketing for a quick rundown on how to get started with Facebook local awareness ads.

Are you using emojis in your ad text? It could improve your CTR…get the scoop in this post from WordStream.


Another week in the books, another opportunity to up your PPC game next week. Make it a great one, folks!