Twas a lovely weekend in Boston.  And, today we woke up to total darkness and snow :(  Hope you survived your Monday intact!


Let’s warm up with the hottest news from PPC land!


First, from Google………..


The AdWords Express dashboard was recently redesigned.  Did you notice?  Check out this post for how to more easily view your stats both via Desktop and on the go.


Now you can create and manage your Google Shopping campaigns with the AdWords API.  Details follow or can be found here:


Shopping campaigns offer a streamlined, retail-centric advertising experience with robust reporting and insightful competitive metrics like benchmark data and impression share.


Also, news for those of us using unique product identifiers.  Soon Google will start to (1) disapprove products with incorrect GTIN, MPN and brand and (2) globally demote products that incorrectly use the identifier_exists attribute.


Happy customers are your most valuable marketing tool and now AdWords makes it easier to show how happy your customers are.  You can submit a request here to get reviews, ratings, etc shown directly in your ads.


Let’s see what’s up from Bing Ads…………


The Bing Ads Editor keeps getting better and better.  Check out the newest additions based on customer feedback.


Share of Voice is a powerful metric to get clients on board with bigger budgets.  Use this information to determine if:   1. For any given keyword, there is room for you to gain additional share, and 2. If there is, where you can focus your efforts in order to get that additional share.  Check out details for this reporting option here.


Ten things you should know about European E-commerce.  Enough said!


Finally, from Bing – a massive recap of the best and brightest new reporting options from Bing Ads for March.


Now, how about the rest of the www……………


Search Engine Land has 3 simple messaging changes that can mean big PPC bucks.  Hint:  Simple, Value Proposition, and Specific works best.


We’ve said this before, but you must link Google AdWords to Google Analytics.  If you need more convincing, here’s an article from Search Engine Watch expounding the merits of doing this.


Marketing Profs has some “must have insights” for better PPC campaigns.  Check it out.


Have a wonderful week, everyone!