Hello friends!  Hope you are enjoying your weekend, but let’s put down our margaritas for a moment to catch up on the past week’s latest PPC news, shall we?


First, from Google……..


Google is sunsetting the spreadsheet edit feature effective May 30.  This makes sense since they’ve been rolling out bulk edit features and bulk keyword uploads recently.   Will you miss it?


A new series of Learn with Google webinars will be starting soon.  Webinars are held at 1 p.m. EST on Tuesdays through Thursdays and are categorized as follows:  YouTube, Shopping, Research, Analytics, Mobile, Search, Social and Display.  You can visit the webinar site to learn more and to sign up.


Have you gone to any of these AdWords Office Hours?  Well, “gone to” as in gone to the Google+ Hangouts?  It’s an opportunity to ask questions in real time to the Google team about AdWords.  Pretty cool.  You can see the most recently asked questions and answers here. The first question this past week was a good one, Are there some niches that just always have low quality scores due to high competitor clicks? If so, will the results to boost the QS higher always be limited? Check out the whole transcript.  Some really good stuff in there.


Now, from Yahoo/Bing Ads……..


If you’re brand new to Bing Ads, you can find a nice introductory video here to help you get started.  It’s only 2 minutes!


If you have clients who have been asking what Bing ads can do for them, here’s a handy infographic that breaks down the power of Bing Ads, including numerous improvements that have been made to the platform, its reach, and quotes from happy customers.  What are you waiting for?


Father’s Day is coming up next month, and Bing Ads blog has some recommendations and best practices to get you thinking about how to advertise for this holiday. Also included are some useful statistics for making the case to up budgets during this time.


Not to be outdone by Google Hangouts and the like, Bing Ads has been offering podcasts to help advertisers get up to speed with the latest and greatest from Yahoo/Bing.  There are downloads to two recent podcasts here.


Finally, from Bing Ads last week, another “Bing Ads and You” series post.  Advanced diagnostics will be coming soon to Bing Ads, and will allow advertisers to: Identify which keywords within your account could be delivered in response to a search term but being disqualified due to issues with campaign quality and campaign settings, along with actionable feedback to fix these issues.


Finally, from elsewhere on the web………..


Search Engine Land reports on a study that shows exactly how well PLAs are working.  “Bucking the typical trend of CSEs (and e-commerce in general), paid Google Shopping traffic nearly doubled in post-holiday Q1 compared to Q4.”  We aren’t really surprised as these were really not rolled out until late last year.


Search Engine Journal has a very useful article to help manage automated rules.  It’s called The Art of Setting Up a 360-Fail Safe System When Utilizing AdWords Automated Rules. Some good advice there.


Finally, from Search Engine Watch, 7 Essential Skills for Managing PLA Campaigns.  If, as the article above states, we are really all spending more on PLAs, it’s critical that these campaigns are managed correctly!  Check out the steps to success in this article.


That’s it for this week, folks!  Enjoy the upcoming week.