Ready or not, it’s coming tomorrow – Enhanced Campaigns!

If you’ve read anything about PPC over the past 6 months, you already know what’s up, but for those of you who haven’t, here’s probably the best link you’ll find to bring you up to speed about this major change to the Google AdWords platform – mandatory starting tomorrow.

So, what impact has it had on advertisers thus far?  Some say CPCs are up, others down.  Remains to be seen what happens when forced adoption occurs.  This Search Engine Journal article shows the impact its had on some advertisers, as well as the recent Google earnings call, and predictions for what *could* happen.

Let’s see what else the engines have to say for themselves this week.

First, from Google

Ever get this question from a client?  “What would happen to my organic clicks if my mobile search ads were paused?” Google provides an answer in the form of an infographic with data from a study done this year showing that 88% of site visitors driven by mobile search ads would not otherwise click on the business’s organic listing when ads are paused.

Google Shopping product feeds have some new requirements for unique product feed identifier specifications.  You can check out the blog post here or view a recorded webinar here.

A whole bunch of Learn with Google webinars are coming up this summer.  Check out the listings here for what will be offered over the next three months.  Some interesting looking ones include:  Improving Your Search Campaigns with Remarketing Lists for Search Ads and several Google Shopping ones.

Speaking of Remarketing Lists for Search Ads.  Here’s a good article from Search Engine Watch that provides a breakdown of what these are, as well as some tips.

Now, let’s see what Bing Ads is up to

If you don’t use Sitelink extensions with your Bing Ads, you may want to reconsider. Bing says that All verticals saw at least a 10% CTR lift, with Financial Services & Insurance, Technology & Telco, Careers & Education and Travel & Transportation experiencing at least a 15%CTR increase with the addition of Sitelink Extensions.

Here are some stats on the Bing/Yahoo network as of the end of their fiscal year.  Probably the most relevant to search marketers is that click volume has increased 25% over the past year.

Finally, have you used the Change History Graph?  It’s available to all users now and is a visual performance tracking tool that shows you the relationship between your actions and results.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s hot in the Northeast!  So, thanks for your attention and now we’ll let you resume your regularly scheduled keeping cool activities.  Have a great week!