It’s been downright chilly in our neck of the woods.  Today is actually a sweatshirt kind of day and it’s August!  So, rather than going to the beach or something else summery, we think we’ll stay close to home and have a little down time.  Let’s get caught up together on the week’s most important PPC news, shall we?


First, from Google…..


Google’s Contextual Targeting Tool, the Placement Tool and the Google Ad Planner have been combined into the new Google Display Planner.  These other tools will be phased out, so get up to speed today with this Guide to Display Planner.


We’ve spoken at length about syncing up your AdWords and Google Analytics accounts, and here’s an article about a cool new beta – it’s a Real Time API that allows users to pull data in real time to do things like display top trending content, and make websites more responsive to customers based on real time data.


Also, if you’re not familiar with the Google Tag Manager, you might want to check it out.  It’s extremely useful for managing AdWords codes without having to bug IT, and Google’s working with other stakeholders to bring more standardization to the project. Learn more here.


This is a little bit older news, but we’re going to bring it up again because it’s cool.  Display ads have generally not been very trackable conversion drivers, but NOW you can Sign up today for GDN Impression Reporting in Google Analytics and report on “display-assisted” conversions.


Now, from Bing Ads……..


Bing has a series of “Back to Basics” posts, which are for people new to PPC.  Recent ones include:  PPC Back-To-Basics – Understanding Key Performance Indicators and PPC Back to Basics – Billing in Bing Ads.  Always good to have a refresher, even if you’re a veteran.


Here’s a new basic image-based intro to PPC too.  We like this one because it’s a great way to explain the different parts of a PPC campaign to a client.  What do you think?


Finally, from Bing Ads for this week, here’s an article about setting up a campaign FAST.


Let’s see what the rest of the web has to say………


Danny Sullivan writes about FTC warnings being sent to Google, Bing and Yahoo — about the need to ensure they were properly disclosing paid ads. He did some digging and found the 17 other “specialty” search engines that were also warned.  See them here.


Here are 6 Ways To Leverage Merchant Feeds To Optimize Product Listing Ads courtesy of Search Engine Land.


Here’s a useful article from Search Engine Watch about How to Transform Text Ads Into Product Listing Ads Using Google Spreadsheets.


Finally, here are the top things you need to do for your PPC campaign each day when you’ve only got 10 minutes.


That’s it for this week ladies and gentlemen.  Enjoy your weekend!