Hey y’all, what’s up on this beautiful Friday morning? Lots of stuff happening in the world of PPC this week. First and foremost, some exciting updates to the Google AdWords Editor – one in particular I think you’ll like. That is, if you’re like me and love handy, intuitive tools that help make the overabundance of information people like you and me have to manage, filter, and make sense of on a day-to-day basis in this crazy industry we work in.

Beyond that, some compelling research and valuable insights on video. Not only helpful advice on how to get better insights on your video performance, but what impact the growth of online video is having on mothers – and why it should matter to you.

Ready to roll? Let’s get on with it…


Checkin’ in with Google…

An exciting update to the AdWords Editor was released this week, and it’s available to advertisers globally. What’s new? Full support for labels, upgraded URLs, call-only ads, ads in mobile apps, and much more.

The labels feature is especially useful if you’re the type who likes to be super-organized. Basically, labels are like tags you can add to your campaigns, ads, ad groups, keywords, and other elements to organize them into logical groupings. You can add or remove labels from elements in their respective data views, as well as filter your views using labels to more easily analyze and export data for campaigns sharing similar features. It’s really pretty genius, and if you’ve ever used apps like Trello, you’ll find it incredibly intuitive. More on this and the other latest AdWords Editor features in this post.

I know you’ve all been anxiously waiting to see what Google has up its sleeve next in the Best Practices series, and your wait is over. The latest Best Practices guide focuses on display creative, covering the three most important elements of a display ad: message, image, and design. Check it out here, or download the handy printable checklist.

Do you know how many video ads are actually seen? Google has put together an informative infographic outlining the five factors of video viewability, as well as a full research report with video ad viewability insights for digital marketers and publishers. Check it out here.

Mother’s Day might be over, but there’s still a good reason to talk about moms: Increasingly, mothers are turning to online video for advice, information on planning their next family vacation, maybe partake in a bit of fitness with an online workout video, and plenty of other needs in their everyday lives. What that means is a big opportunity for brands aiming to capture the attention of modern parents – moms in particular. Check out this post on Think with Google for more details.


What’s happening, Bing?

Are you promoting software? The Bing Ads Blog has some helpful tips you’re going to want to see. Bing identifies two key elements advertisers promoting software should comply with, including:

  1. Ensuring your ads are relevant.
  2. Providing a positive download experience.

In short, a good experience begins with your ads, moves on to a fabulous landing page, and ends with a positive download experience. So to all the software marketers of the world, keep these tips in mind when you’re designing your campaigns to create the phenomenal customer experience I know you’re all striving to achieve.

If you haven’t yet gotten acquainted with the Bing Ads Campaign Planner, check out this feature-by-feature walkthrough that illustrates step-by-step how to get all the key insights you need to take your campaigns to the next level.

If you know me, you know I LOVE content. Great content marketing can help you achieve many things, but perhaps most importantly, it’s an incredibly valuable tactic for establishing and building your brand, as well as your brand voice. And having a brand, in turn, helps you out in a few key ways:

  • A lower cost on high-quality traffic
  • Making it cost-prohibitive for competitors to rank ahead of your ads for top brand terms
  • Boosting the performance of non-brand keywords

More details, including some killer tips on how to use content strategically to build your brand, in this post.


Moving on to the thought leader camp…

Want to better diagnose your display network performance? Four expert tips in this post from PPCHero.

Also from PPCHero, this post discusses the importance of the purchase funnel in planning your campaigns. I mean, really, your keyword lists are already jam-packed with purchase-intent keywords like “buy” and “order,” as account analyst Rachel Law points out, so that should be your first clue about just how critical the purchase funnel should be in every decision you make.

Crunched for time? HA! Who isn’t? Well, here’s a useful little tidbit – two useful little tidbits, actually – from 3Q Digital on using Excel for PPC that you can learn in less than one minute. Got a minute? Read it here.

Are your landing pages suffering from this fatal flaw? You gotta deliver on those promises you make in your ads. Check out this post from Clix Marketing for a rather interesting story about an airline that fails to deliver – and how you can avoid making the same mistake.

Google Online Product Inventory Updates can save you time on your PLA feeds. Find out how from RKG in this post.

Fatal flaws, fatal remarketing fails…things are getting real this week. WordStream talks about some interesting ways remarketing may not work out precisely as planned. In fact, it might destroy marriages. Yikes. Read it here.

And finally, one not to be missed this week. WordStream answers the question I’m sure you’ve all heard at least six dozen times in your lifetime: Does Google AdWords actually work? Check out this must-read post here.


Now that you’re all equipped to navigate your way around Bing’s Campaign Planner, know how to reach modern moms online, are well-informed on how your remarketing campaigns might be upping the divorce rate, and are now prepared to answer the age-old question of whether Google AdWords really works, I’d say my work here is done for the week. Enjoy your weekend, folks!