It’s the final countdown, folks. Christmas is less than a week away. If you’re one of those people who has been fully prepared, had all your shopping done, neatly wrapped and organized in nice little piles clearly labeled in September, just don’t talk to me, okay? The rest of us mere mortals are scrambling to pull off this holiday madness.

So much to do, so little time. Let’s get rolling with today’s PPC update…


What’s up with Google this week?

Want to improve estimated total conversions? Well, duh. Who doesn’t? Google’s now offering a way to do just that with store visit insights. Basically, it’s a reflection of the increased presence of mobile devices – and search, in particular – in our daily lives and how consumers are relying on their devices to make purchases and decisions not just online, but in the real world as well.

Consider the fact that 95% of sales still happen in physical retail stores, and you’ve got yourself a need to determine how effective your search advertisements are in driving customers to your doors. According to Google, 32% of consumers say location-based search ads led them to visit a store or make a purchase.

Some more interesting facts:

  • 70% of consumers (of those who have used features such as directions or click-to-call) say location information is important in search advertisements.
  • 74% of shoppers like to know how much inventory of a specific product remains at a local store when they search.
  • 10% to 18% of clicks on search ads lead to a local store visit.

Google has been making ongoing improvements to Estimated Total Conversions (ETC) to measure phone callsin-store purchases and cross device conversions. More info, including some insights on PetSmart’s and OfficeDepot’s experiences with the multi-channel experience, in this post.

Ad customizers can help you gear up for your holiday promotions…well, at this point it’s not so much gearing-up as it is making sure your head is in the game. But, ad customizers can also come in quite handy when it comes to promoting post-holiday blowouts and deals, or for promoting your life-changing products or services to tap into the New Year’s resolution trends. Check out this post for more insights into how dynamic ad content can boost your results.

Neal Mohan, Google’s VP of Display and Video Advertising Products, will be headlining C Space on the first day of CES 2015 (Tuesday, January 6th). Mohan will speak on “how brands can make the most of video in a climate where consumers are easier to reach but harder to influence. He’ll discuss not only how to drive engagement but also how to measure the impact that it has on brand metrics.” More details from the AdWords Agency Blog here.

If you missed it last week, the DoubleClick Advertiser Blog outlined the five steps to programmatic buying for brand marketers. The steps?

  1. Organize audience insights
  2. Design compelling creative
  3. Execute with integrated technology
  4. Reach audiences across screens
  5. Measure the impact

If you need some quality reading over the next week or so to bury your nose in so you can avoid listening to family gossip or barely-tolerating your mother-in-law, this is your guide. Get it here.

Finally, if you’re not yet in the mobile game, Google and Your Business outlines three steps to getting your business mobile-ready. Read it here.


And let’s check in with Bing…

Bing is looking towards 2015 with some insights for digital marketers. With Christmas less than a week away, consumers are thinking about their New Year’s resolutions, and that spells opportunity for advertisers spanning industries such as:

  • Health and wellness
  • Personal development
  • Smoking cessation
  • Financial planning
  • And more

Check out Bing’s post for insights into the most common New Year’s resolutions and tips for capitalizing on consumers’ desire to improve their lives at the start of the New Year.

Bing is venturing outside its usual focus this week with a post on social media marketing. Specifically, Bing is revealing six tips to influence content sharing – which, of course, benefits your business in a multitude of ways. Tips include:

  • Appealing to consumers’ desire to connect with each other, not just with your business or brand.
  • Nurturing trust, essential for getting consumers to share your content with the people who know and trust them and their opinions.
  • Keeping it simple. ‘Nuff said.
  • Having a sense of humor. People like to share funny stuff, ya know? Especially if they’re trapped in a cubicle all day. Gotta lighten the mood a little over lunch.
  • Embracing a sense of urgency. Make it clear why your followers or readers need to take immediate action.
  • Stepping outside of the norm to experiment with and tap into platforms like Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Get all the details here.


Let’s see what the wonderful World Wide Web is up to this week…

Speaking of Bing, PPCHero is making four Bing PPC predictions for 2015. Find out what’s in store for Bing in the New Year here.

PPCHero is on top of the 2015 predictions, with another article focused on the trend towards automation. In fact, they’re calling 2015 “The Year of Bid and Budget Automation.” Read it here.

Want to be more productive with PPC? Of course you do. 3Q Digital has two killer tips for ramping up your PPC productivity here.

Ah, the shopping behavior of mobile searchers: It’s a topic of great interest as mobile infiltrates every moment of the day and consumers are using their devices to aid buying decisions more than ever. This infographic from 3Q Digital offers some insights into the shopping behaviors of mobile searchers.

Bing Ads Evangelist John Gagnon makes a guest appearance on Marketing Nirvana for Certified Knowledge, sharing everything you need to know about Bing Ads. Sure seems as though Bing is getting lots of attention from thought leaders. An indication that Bing will be giving Google a run for its money in 2015, perhaps? Get the scoop on the show and Gagnon’s appearance in this post.

If you manage or are involved with a non-profit organization (or maybe you have non-profits as clients), you’re definitely going to want to check out this post from RKG for the fundamentals of paid search for non-profit organizations. (Especially if you never thought PPC was a viable tactic for non-profits – not true.)

John Gagnon also makes an appearance at WordStream, revealing five things you didn’t know about Bing Ads in the latest in WordStream’s #12experts series. Check it out.

Landing pages: important, yes? Everyone knows that. But what about video landing pages? Dan Shewan explains why video landing pages kick ass, and how to get it right. A great read, right here.


This is it: the last PPC update before Christmas. Can you believe it? This time next week, we’ll be in disbelief that the culmination of all those months of effort has come and gone so quickly.

By the way, can anyone tell me where the heck 2014 went? Oy…

Happy Holidays, everyone!