If you’re doing brackets this year, we hope your teams are still in the running.  We also hope that “that which shall not be named” never happens in a college basketball game again!


On to happier subjects.


First, from Google……


Does this mean the end of your need for AdWords Editor!!!????  Google announces that now “right in your downloaded keyword reports, you can add, delete, edit, pause, and unpause keywords, and then upload these changes directly into your AdWords account.”  Holla!  One word of caution, though, there’s no way to undo this, so make sure to keep a copy of your original.


As part of the new Enhanced Campaigns, Google has launched ValueTrack features that allow advertisers to direct users to a device specific landing page at the keyword level and align reporting with device groupings.


You can see 4 real life scenarios where AdWords advertisers upgraded to Enhanced Campaigns with excellent results.  Advertisers profiled include eTravel.com, American Apparel, and Hotwire.  Check out their successes here.


Next, from Bing Ads…………..


Here’s a post on spring cleaning your Bing Ads campaigns.  It recommends bidding and budgeting strategies, as well as advice for keyword management, ad testing, and conversions.


Attribution is this year’s (and maybe last year’s) “thing”.  See this post for a list of definitions of different kind of attribution methods, along with Master Tagging observations, and some recommendations.


Bing Ads will be launching soon in Australia and New Zealand!


Extra!  Extra!  Bing Ads responds to Google’s Enhanced Campaigns!  It states the following:

  • we do not believe bundling together mobile, desktop and tablet advertising in an opaque manner is in the best interest of our customer base or the industry at large
  • we will be updating our product to ensure advertisers can continue to seamlessly transition between AdWords & Bing Ads with the ability to mark ads as being mobile optimized and will honor this as a directive
  • we plan to augment our existing incremental bid functionality to support negative bid percentages as well as mobile and location radius targeting

These changes are slated for Q3 of this year.


And from elsewhere on the web…….


Google AdWords vs. Yahoo Bing Network – A PPC Performance Comparison from Search Engine Watch outlines the pros and cons of each of these platforms.


Using Multichannel Funnels in PPC, also from Search Engine Watch, gives a really good overview of how to use Search Funnels in Google AdWords.


From Search Engine Journal, Why PPC Click-Through-Rates Have Increased, examines why this has been happening over time, pointing to aesthetic changes to search results as a contributing factor.


Finally, from Search Engine Land, How to Manage PPC Closely to a Budget, is a response to a remark at SMX West about the challenges of managing enterprise-level PPC campaigns in that you can either manage to ROI or to budgets, but not both at the same time.


That’s it for this week.  Have a wonderful weekend!