After a beautiful fall, we are calling defeat.  Winter is here and there’s probably no going back.  Gather round your laptops and warm your fingers with this week’s hottest PPC news.


First, from Google…….


Google has created a Multi-Screen Resources center (responsive design anyone?).  In line with the move toward Enhanced Campaigns and mobile in general, Google is now offering guidance to marketers and developers here.  This site features vendors, success stories, and links to tools for you to assess how your site is running on mobile vs. desktop.


Errrr…..yet another mobile resource from Google!  Did you realize that the quality of your mobile landing page experience directly affects how your ad ranks (including whether it’s seen at all) and what you’ll pay per click?   The Mobile Playbook that Google put out a few months back is another great resource to get your mobile experience up to speed.


Google Shopping has new features including:  Visually similar items, shopping short lists, and 360 degree views for more products.  Here’s the sign up form to get your ads 360’ed.


Now, let’s check out Bing Ads……….


Need some reasons to use Broad match more?  Here’s a bunch!


The Bing Ads Accredited Professional Program has a lot of new content and course offerings, including


Ready for your New Year’s Resolutions?  How about those of your customers.  Here are some tips for getting ahead of the curve and prepping your Health and Wellness campaigns.


Now, from the rest of the web…………………


From Search Engine Land:  Optimizing For Seasonality: 4 Critical Paid Search Strategies.


From Search Engine Watch: Bing Sunsets Shopping Search, Integrates Directly Into Web Results.


That’s it for now…enjoy your week!