Fall has fallen!  JK!  What is the fall saying similar to Spring has sprung, though?  We don’t know!


Let’s see what’s happened in the past week in PPC-land.


First, from Google……….


Actually, first a moment of silence for the death of keyword data available for our Organic Search brethren.  Viva la PPC!


The window of conversion time can be extended for your campaigns, as Google adds “the capability to customize your conversion counting window from 7 to 90 days after a click. Previously, AdWords only counted conversions occurring within 30 days after a click.”  What do you think?


Who needs web designers anymore?  Just kidding (again)!  Ready Creatives is not right in the AdWords interface under Ads and it allows you to “easily create and add these innovative formats (display ads) to your display campaigns in minutes and at no cost.”  This is really kind of awesome.  You should check it out.


Finally from Google this week – a clever infographic on measuring the success of Display?  Anyone noticing a trend here?  Thankfully, we have.  Display has traditionally been a bit of a black hole when it comes to measuring and reporting conversions.


Now, let’s see what Bing’s been up to……….


Bings had a bunch of blog posts lately about mobile bidding, etc. – stuff eerily reminiscent of Enhanced Campaigns – and here’s another:  Tips for Reaching a High Quality Travel Audience Across Devices.


Some new releases from the Bing Ads platform for the month of September – check out the whole list here, but they include:

  • Import Compatibility for AdWords Enhanced Campaigns
  • Long Ad Titles Ad Preview: v2 Released
  • Simpler Signup: 3 Steps to Get Started in Bing Ads
  • Sitelink Data Now Available in Change History Report


This is pretty cool for agencies – as Google also makes moves to solidify agency relationships – Claim Your Free Bing Ads Agency Welcome Kit Today!


Finally, will you be at SMX next week?  Bing Ads will


Now, from elsewhere around the web………..


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Google AdWords: 10 Account Review Tips Revealed from Search Engine Journal.


Hope y’all have a great upcoming week!