It’s been a beautiful fall thus far, and we haven’t touched the furnace since spring.  The days are still warm, but the nights are getting colder and we’re ….this close….. to folding and just turning on the furnace, but we’re kind of dreading the first run.  It smells so gross!  How about you? Have you turned yours on yet or are you still clinging to summer?


Let’s talk about brighter subjects now, though, like the hottest news in PPC over the past week.

First, from Google……………….


Upcoming Learn with Google Webinars for October are:


17 [Wallet] Maximize mobile conversions with Google Wallet Instant Buy
22 [Search] Automate your AdWords bids to achieve your Target ROAS (return on ad spend) Goal
23 [Shopping] Google Shopping – Mobile/Local
29 [Mobile] Driving More Revenue from App Installs


75% of the above are focused on mobile/local.  No surprise there.


PLA Improvements:  Google’s made some improvements to the Product Listing Ad experience.   “Users can now swipe to quickly see more products in the mobile PLA unit without having to leave the search results page. ”  Early tests are promising.  Attend the webinar listed above on 10/23 to learn more.


International Search Location Upgrade:  Starting in November, advertisers using either the default or ‘location of interest’ setting will be able to show ads to potential customers by taking into account both the location that people are searching for, as well as the location they are searching from — even when they are international searches.  Read the whole article here.


Now, let’s see what’s new from Bing/Yahoo…………..


Auto Search Advertising:  If you’ve ever had a car dealership as a client, this article will DEFINITELY resonate.  Check out the five key stages a customer goes through before buying a car and get some insights that even transfer to other verticals.


Recent Improvements to Bing UI:  We’ve covered a lot of Bing Ads upgrades and new features in prior posts, but here’s an overview of what Bing’s been rolling out over the past few months, including:  a left navigation pane, the ability to copy keywords, improved ability to add negative keywords, and a better view to see all campaign settings in one grid.


Bing Expands and Rebrands:  You’ve probably noticed, but Bing has gone through some rebranding.  But what we find pretty exciting is how much Bing is integrating its search with various platforms including Bing Smart Search on Windows 8.1, Windows Phone, and XBox.  What do you think – will this erode Google’s dominance?


Finally, from Bing, Accredited Professionals should get their new badges and certificates to get the aforementioned Bing rebranding!


Let’s check out the rest of the web…………


A really good article from Search Engine Land about Enhanced Campaigns and modifier stacking.  Check it out.


Search Engine Watch says that Facebook advertisers are getting an average 152% ROI.  What’s your experience been?


Finally, Search Engine Journal reports that Google had higher earning sthan expected in Q3 with $14.9B in revenue!


That’s it for this week, folks!  Stay warm and have a great week.