With Halloween lurking just around the corner and retail stores packing the shelves with holiday products already, there’s no denying that it’s beyond time to get your campaigns in gear for the upcoming holiday shopping season. While some of us started doing our holiday shopping back in June and July (alright, you caught me – I’m not one of them), others are just now starting to think about their holiday shopping list and what’s on the top wish lists for this year.

That means that beyond those early birds who love to brag about how their holiday shopping was signed, sealed, and delivered months ago, there’s still plenty of time to capture the bulk of this year’s holiday shopping frenzy. Thus, that’s the primary focus of many of this week’s PPC news stories.

Let’s see what holiday tips and tidbits are in store this week…


Hey Google, what’s happening?

Universal App Campaigns provides an easy way to promote your Android app and reach users across Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, and the Google Display Network. Universal App Campaigns was announced a few weeks back, but this week Google has made it even easier to grow your user base at scale by creating Universal App Campaigns directly from your Google Play Developer Console.

According to the AdWords Blog, a few simple steps will have you on your way to better app promotion. “You can get started in AdWords or the Google Play Developer Console with a few simple inputs:

  1. A few lines of ad text to describe your app and a YouTube URL (if you have a video)
  2. The locations and languagethat you wish to reach
  3. Your daily budget and target cost-per-install (CPI).”

Get all the details and catch a helpful introductory video in this post.

DoubleClick users, new DoubleClick Search features have arrived just in time for the holiday season, allowing you to turn more searchers into customers during the busiest shopping season of the year (and beyond). Of course, the 2015 holiday shopping season is gearing up to be heavily mobile-focused with more shoppers using their mobile devices to search and shop than ever before. To accommodate the growing mobile user base, DoubleClick has recently introduced some features to make it easier to target mobile shoppers, including:

  • Mobile and tablet bid adjustments for Bing Ads campaigns means you can easily adjust to “Unified Device Targeting (UDT) in DoubleClick Search with mobile and tablet bid adjustments for Bing Ads that work just like mobile bid adjustments for AdWords.”
  • Optimizing mobile bid adjustments on Yahoo! Japan is now easier. Now, you can “set adjustments at the ad group level that will trump adjustments at the campaign level.”
  • Use inventory-aware campaigns to “build highly relevant campaigns at scale by creating templates that automatically build keywords and ads” based on your product feeds. The templates are even more powerful with new functions that allow you to fine-tune and customize both your keywords and ad content.
  • Stay on top of campaign performance with new features to better measure your results. “You can now use bulksheets or the DoubleClick Search API to attribute a conversion in a shopping campaign to a specific product in your inventory feed. To help you analyze and optimize at scale, we’ve added three reports to the DoubleClick Search reporting API.” More flexible date functions for formula columns, for instance, are one new functionality that will enable you to see exactly what’s happening on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or any other time period.
  • More usability and visibility, including the ability to “apply labels when you create new keywords or customize and rename report views.”

More details on how to take advantage of all that DoubleClick has to offer this holiday season in this post.

We’ve talked a lot about micro-moments, and those micro-moments apply to video, too. But what do video micro-moments mean for your video marketing strategy? This post from Think with Google takes a look.


Bing, what’s the scoop?

Remarketing is now available in Bing Ads, giving you the power to do more with your data and deliver the right ad to the right user at the right time. And of course, it’s here just in time for the holiday shopping season, so you can capture more ideal customers ready to make purchases and claim a bigger piece of the holiday shopping pie. Find out more about remarketing, the benefits of remarketing, and how to get it set up from this post on the Bing Ads Blog.

If you’re in the U.K. or Australia, you’ll be happy to know that Bing Shopping Campaigns are now available to you in Beta. Get the scoop here.


A quick gander around the web…

Last week, Google introduced “the Shopping Assortment Report in Google Merchant Center to help plan product assortment and reach more shoppers online.” We talked about this last week, but a quick refresher: This tool allows you to identify the top 100 products you’re not already offering in your product feed in each Google Shopping category, and it’s here just in time to help you meet holiday demands. PPC Hero talks about this new opportunity and how to maximize it in this post.

A must-have trick to keep up your sleeve this holiday season is the use of Scripts to ensure PPC success, one of which can act as an emergency stop button to put a halt to a campaign quickly. Get the scoop from PPC Hero here.

So, Yahoo! Is getting back into the PPC game with Yahoo! Gemini. 3Q Digital has a handy Targeting 101 guide to help you get a running start. Oh, and this comprehensive guide to Facebook ad specs is a must-read if you’re planning on advertising on Facebook this holiday season.

Did you know using Display can be a great way to stretch your PPC budget? Clix Marketing tackles the value of Display in this post and reveals how to use it to stretch your PPC budget here.

The Answer Box – a.k.a. “position zero” – is a coveted ranking spot, and WordStream offers three tips for ranking in this ideal position in this post.

Looking for some new, highly effective marketing strategies for the upcoming holiday season? WordStream breaks down the top 10 best here.


The good news is that it’s not yet Thanksgiving, and there’s still time to get your act together before the mad holiday shopping rush. With so many opportunities on the landscape this year, there’s no reason not to take advantage of all the new features and functionality at your fingertips to make this holiday season your biggest year yet.