The countdown is on: Just a few weeks left until the start of a new school year, Labor Day is just around the corner, and cooler nights (and days) are in the not-too-distant future. Seems like summer went by in a flash, but there’s still time to enjoy some fun in the sun.

This week in the world of PPC, Google is unveiling a fabulous new reporting tool, Bing gets in on the app scene to make it easy to manage your campaigns on the go, and lots of insights on social advertising, including a look at whether Twitter offers a targeting advantage over the oft-praised Facebook audience targeting options. Let’s see what’s up in this week’s PPC news.


Your weekly Google AdWords update…

In the next few months, Google will be rolling out a new Report Editor, “a powerful AdWords tool that lets you explore your account data in brand new ways from within your browser.” This interactive tool will boast an easy-to-use interface and the ability to slice and dice your data in mere seconds.

From building custom tables and charts that you can segment, sort, and filter ‘til the cows come home, to simple drag-and-drop actions for exploring your data and a variety of chart and graph formats for impressive data visualization, the Report Editor promises to be a PPC advertiser’s dream. Read more about the powerful features and data exploration opportunities that await you in this post.

It’s now easier to create Display campaigns, thanks to a new tool that allows you to begin creating campaigns and pick the right settings based on your marketing objectives. The new flow provides a list of objectives in line with those of marketers spanning all industries, including:

  • Brand awareness
  • Influence consideration
  • Drive action

Once you’ve selected a marketing objective, AdWords will guide you to the most relevant targeting and bid settings to help you reach your goals. “For example, if your goal is to ‘Build awareness’ and get consumers to see your ad, AdWords will show bidding on viewable impressions, which is designed to optimize the reach of your campaign. If you want to ‘Drive action’ by encouraging customers to visit your business, then AdWords will show CPC bidding so you pay only when a user is interested enough to click your ad and learn more.” Check out this post for more details.

This week, DoubleClick announced a new GRP solution, comScore vCE in DoubleClick, as well as updates to its Active View viewability solution. The goal of these efforts is to help brand marketers answer some key questions about the success of their campaigns, including:

  • What did people do as a result of seeing the ad?
  • What did people think about the ad? Did it change their mindset – and if so, how so?
  • Did anyone actually see the ad, and if they did, were they the right people (as in, the right target audience)?

More on what’s new from DoubleClick here.

Oh, and by the way, if you missed it last week, you should also check out this post from DoubleClick on how L’Oréal Canada is getting results with programmatic buying. Check it out.

Finally, some useful stats on back-to-school shopping trends and insights for marketers to “make the grade” with back-to-school campaigns in this post from Think with Google.


News and happenings from Bing…

A redesigned Bing Ads for iOS is here with richer performance metrics and more visualizations of your campaign performance data, thanks to your feedback and suggestions since the initial launch of the Bing Ads app for iOS.

Android users, not to worry: A Bing Ads for Android experience is in the works, with keyword data, campaign details, and much more at your fingertips. You can get in on the action by letting Bing know now what you’d like to see – check out this post for more info on how to weigh in with your suggestions.

In September, some changes are coming to Bing Ads WAP. What the heck is WAP? “Bing Ads WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) mobile ads are pay-per-click ads that are displayed on Bing and Yahoo mobile search results pages. The ads are displayed only to people who search using mobile phones that don’t have full web browsers; they aren’t displayed on smartphones.”

So, in September 2015, Bing Ads will no longer allow advertisers to create new text ads using the type:  WAP mobile ad. And in November 2015, Bing Ads will no longer serve WAP mobile ads on search result pages in all languages and countries. Finally, in early 2016, the sun will set forever with the shutdown of WAP mobile ads from all entry points (Web UI, Editor, API). Until that time, existing performance and reporting data will still be available.

What’s the alternative? Advertisers are encouraged to use mobile preferred text ads in order to reach consumers who are using mobile devices. Check out this post for all the details.


And checkin’ in on the rest of the web…

Creating PPC reports? Duh. Who isn’t? If you’re responsible for reporting, make sure you’re asking these 7 essential questions, provided just for you by PPCHero. (Questions like, “Will someone who doesn’t understand PPC have a clue what this report is saying?” Good stuff.) Read it here.

And, if you’re in the social mix, this post from PPCHero offers some excellent tips for boosting Facebook ROI using audience targeting.

Speaking of social and targeting, does Twitter’s targeting options have an advantage over Facebook? 3Q Digital investigates in this post.

So, PPC has a newly required skill: SEO. According to a recent post from Clix Marketing, at least a fundamental knowledge of SEO could prove quite valuable for PPC-ers in the near future. “Now, I’m not saying we as PPC pros should start obsessing over the next animal-themed update that’s going to impact Google’s secret sauce of an algorithm. But we should understand at least the fundamentals of the job that someone who does obsess over those updates does,” post author Michelle Morgan says. Read the full post for her compelling reasons why.

Targeting browsers with different language settings is one way to expand your PPC campaigns when you’ve fully exhausted all the keyword targeting and bid adjustment strategies you can muster. Check out this post from Merkle|RKG to learn more.

WordStream is on fire this week, with several must-read resources. First, here’s a complete guide to creating effective Facebook ads for lead-gen, since we’re on the theme of social advertising this week. And, last but not least, if you need some inspiration for creating ads (for Facebook, Google, or really, anywhere), this impressive collection of 288 PPC ad templates that produce a killer CTR is a must-bookmark resource. Yes, author Erin Sagin actually chopped up ads that have been proven to work, line-by-line, and ended up with enough possible variations to create 288 different ads.


Whether you’re spending the upcoming weekend poring over all the PPC resources you can find in search of the inspiration that will lead you to your next out-of-the-park PPC campaign or you’re taking advantage of one of the last few opportunities to soak up the summer sun (sniff, sniff), take a few moments and enjoy a little R&R. Until next week, my friends!