The Christmas decorations and advertisements are popping up in stores and ads near you, and everyone wants to capitalize on good tidings and cheer. As people start thinking about that perfect gift for each of their loved ones, we are ramping up campaigns to help them find exactly what they need. And, we’re making it all about them, too.

The data and insights are going to make this year’s holiday campaigns even more personalized and customer-centric (hey, we can give the people what they want, so they can give their loved ones what they want). The people are ready to start shopping, and many of this week’s PPC news stories are about how to target them as the countdown to the holidays begins.

People-based marketing, data, and insights are front and center in this week’s stories…


What’s Shakin’, Google?

Google AdWords launched the beta version of its new Shopping Insights tool, and retailers will soon jump for joy as the data focuses on shopping habits and preferences. Retailers will know much more about user’s online shopping habits and align local merchandising and marketing campaigns in stores to the online activity.

In a nutshell, the Shopping Insights tool “estimates popularity and trends for a given product by aggregating keyword data from the millions of searches consumers are doing to shop for that product.” Better yet, retailers will see data for every available city for targeting in AdWords and better meet customer expectations in local stores by comparing mobile to desktop patterns. It sounds like a match made in holiday shopping heaven, as retailers will be able to observe and meet local demand, see interest by mobile, desktop, or both, and understand nationwide, regional, and local outliers with featured stories. Check out the details and specific examples and watch the video in this post.

The shift toward people-based marketing is nothing new, but this post from PPC Hero highlights some of the latest happenings and tools in this customer-centric trend. If you haven’t jumped on board with Enhanced Campaigns or Demographics for SearchAds and Remarking Lists for Search Ads (RLSA), the post reminds us of the advantages of doing so. Of course, that leads to Customer Match, Google’s exciting new product that joins first party data into RLSA, YouTube, and Gmail Ad Strategies to truly target existing customers using email addresses. What’s better than being proactive with messaging and making ads relevant?

To make customer-centric marketing even easier this holiday season, DoubleClick is reminding its users that they can “set it, not sweat it” with DoubleClick Search’s automation features. Their DoubleClick Search Guide to the Holidays is another holiday gem they’re offering up to make your holiday campaigns more successful. Anyway, DoubleClick users can set rules for sales, schedule edits, and determine parameters and then give the reins to DoubleClick Search for  automated, 24/7 campaign management.

Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • Schedule changes to specific campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords based on your criteria
  • Specify advanced logic for your changes using DoubleClick Search formula columns
  • Use inventory-aware campaigns to automatically convert product catalogs to highly relevant, up-to-date search ads and reach customers with the right message every time
  • Highlight the number of varieties of an item you have available, so customers know you offer a wide selection

There are tons more details about using DoubleClick to your advantage to target your customers this holiday season in this post.


Tell Us the Latest, Bing!

There’s big news from Bing Ad this week, as they’ve launched the Bing Ads Platform Health Blog. Of course, they want everything to work like a dream so that you can deliver your ads to the right people at the right time, but when it doesn’t, they’ll keep you updated with the Bing Ads Platform Health Updates, which include updates, any available workarounds, and the okay when things are good to go again.

A color-coded status icon will alert you when things go awry – red when there is an outage, orange if Bing Ads if impacted by an issue, and green when an issue has been resolved – and details on the issue will be available. Regular updates from the Bing Ads engineering team also will be available. Another option is to subscribe to the RSS feed so you’ll be automatically notified when a new post appears. Learn more about the Bing Ads Platform Health Blog here.


Get a Glance At News from Around the Interwebs…

As you’re gearing up to deliver personalized content to customers this holiday season, the big question becomes automation or human touch for PPC? Hhmm… that is a tough one! Get the final answer from PPC Hero here.

Google announced this week that RLSA targeting options for shopping campaigns are now available to all AdWords accounts in the form of Shopping Remarketing Lists and advertisers were overjoyed. Wordstream explains how shopping remarketing lists can increase your CTR and CVR by 400% in this post.

If you’re planning to use Facebook to target customers, 3Q Digital has a fantastic post on tips for structuring your ads for early season, mid season, and holiday crush time. And, they will let you in on their Facebook advertising webinar for free. It’s like Christmas came early!

If you’re really struggling with AdWords, or want to brush up before the holiday shopping frenzy begins, there still is time to register for the last AdWords Workshop of the year, to be held November 17 in Las Vegas. You can sharpen those PPC skills to nail the holiday rush and ring in 2016 with more mad PPC skills in your back pocket. This post from Certified Knowledge gives a rundown of the highlights you can expect at the 2015 Advanced Google AdWords Workshop.

Display’s dynamic remarketing gives you the power to create specific audiences and tailor the content they see. This post from Clix Marketing tells you everything you need to know about using Display to reach customers in the best way for the shopping season.

Targeting Facebook audiences is another way to go customer-centric this holiday shopping season. Wordstream offers tips and tricks for getting granular here.

No, we haven’t even carved our jack-o-lanterns yet, but it’s time to start taking advantage of the ample opportunities for going customer-centric and winning this holiday season.