We were not too thrilled that Phil saw his shadow (or didn’t? or whichever one means we have 6 more weeks of winter), but we ARE thrilled that you’ve come to read the weekly PPC update!


Let’s see what’s new at Google………


Another part of the attribution modeling saga is here.  Figure out better how AdWords impacts website conversions.  This has been available for a while in Google Analytics, but is now integrated.


PLAs & Google Shopping – it’s a challenging concept that came to fruition in the fall, and here are some tips for Google Shopping campaigns.  The author points out some nuances that are good to help you have a solid foundation.


If you want to see some of the  other newest stuff from Mountain View, check out last week’s phenomenal update!


Let’s go over to Bing………..


If you are in the financial services/tax provider advertiser category, you can get a free ebook on advertising for tax season here to optimize for tax payers (ahem, all of us?).


The brief respite from Winter (aka going from negative temps to positive ones last weekend) makes us feel like Spring cleaning!  Do it to your Bing Ads campaigns with these handy tips.  Along those lines, see all the changes Bing Ads put in place for us last year to make 2014 a more streamlined Bing Ads process.


Now let’s see what the rest of the Internets are talking about………


SMX West will have good sessions on Excel for SEM.


Just for fun – see how people searched during and for the Superbowl.


Some more PPC account auditing tips for the new year.


And, this title says it all: Stop Treating the Yahoo! Bing Network Like the Red-Headed Stepchild [Infographic].  hahaha.


Enjoy your week, all!