Hope everyone had or is having a great weekend!  A crazy hot weekend in New England in stark contrast to last weekend when it was 45 degrees and rainy.


Let’s get down to business with this week’s most important PPC news.


First from Google……….


Join the live stream of the annual digital leadership summit thinkDoubleClick.  Industry thought leaders will discuss the state of digital.  You can see the full lineup here, including: Advertisers Must be Inventors, Time to Rethink the Marketing Mix, and other cool topics.


Newly available editable reports allow AdWords advertisers to make wholesale changes to their accounts, including keywords, and now ad creative.


#4 in the Bidding Best Practices series from AdWords blogs is about setting bid adjustments for time.  You can see other ways to use bidding for local and mobile in Enhanced Campaigns here.  Part 5 of the series is about automating bids for better performance and time savings.


Finally, check out the whole list of Learn with Google webinars for June here.


Now, from Bing Ads……..


What do keywords, benefits, and glitter have in common?  Well, they are this advertisers recipe for ad copy success.  What do you think?


Another beginner level post in the PPC Back to Basics series, if match types still have you confused, this primer should bring you up to speed.


Lastly, from Bing:  Excel is now an output option for Bing Ads reports.


From elsewhere on the web……..


We always intend to make annotations Google Analytics, but you know what they say about the road to hell. Here is another reason to do that, and other ways to keep track of analyzing marketing impacts.


SEM-Like Control for PLAs gives some tips for doing just that.  Hint:  it’s all about getting more granular.


Finally, will enhanced campaigns drive mobile cpcs down? See what this guy has to say about that.


That’s it for this weekend’s edition.  Hope y’all have a great week!