Happy Mother’s Day to all our readers who are mothers!  We hope you have a lovely day.


Let’s kick it off proper, not with breakfast in bed, but with the freshest, most delicious PPC news from this week!


First, from Google…………..


In the next few weeks, if you are only using features available under the  “Standard” campaigns, Google will be migrating them to the “Standard” type. This does not affect how your campaigns serve at all, but it will greatly simplify the set of features that you see when you are using AdWords to manage these campaigns.  


We’re getting closer to Enhanced Campaigns being the default (July 22), so Google’s offering a series of posts to provide best practices for managing them.  This post gives best practices for prioritizing bid adjustments across location, time and device.  It will also suggest ways to optimize these adjustments over time, especially as outcomes and business conditions change.  


Google Shopping is announcing some changes to improve the user experience.  These include:  requiring higher res images, support for merchant defined multipacks, adjustments for products without unique identifiers, and guidance for description and color attributes. Read the whole post here: “http://adwords.blogspot.com/2013/05/updated-google-shopping-feed.html


And, if you’re not totally confused by bid adjustments required for Enhanced Campaigns, here’s another thing to add to the mix. In addition to rolling out ad group level bid adjustments, Google is also making it easier to change bid adjustments for several locations, dayparts and devices at the same time.  


Mobile In-Store Research:  How in-store shoppers are using mobile devices is a study co-sponsored by Google that found a bunch of interesting facts about how shoppers with mobile devices use their phones (to check prices, store hours, deals, etc.) and then user behavior, like mobile shoppers spending habits, and more. 


Now, from Bing……..


Here’s some advice for submitting exception requests in Bing Ads.


This is coming up more and more it seems, so Bing’s article on How to Successfully Run Multilingual Campaigns is a good reminder of the basics of multilingual campaigns, including being mindful of language and culture,  domain extension/folder selection, and others.  A great post.


Are you in the Bing Ad Pro Directory?  Well, if you’ve passed the Accredited Professional Exam, you should be.  Find out how to access and enhance your profile here.


If you’re new to PPC, or if you’re looking for a better way to explain negative keywords to clients, Bing Ads blog has a Video Tutorial – Getting Positive Results with Negative Keywords.


Landing pages are important!  It’s still somewhat shocking to us that people are driving paid ad users to their homepages.   This post has some best practices for landing pages.  This is really important stuff as our digital world is growing more mobile every day.  Keep important stuff above the fold y’all!  


And, from elsewhere on the web………


Following on the heels of the article above, this post from Search Engine Land has some real tactical changes you may consider on landing pages to make them more user friendly, and more likely to convert. 


From Search Engine Journal, a video that talks about Bing’s growing market share.


From Search Engine Watch, an article that examines some of Google’s recommended Best Practices for Google Shopping advertisers, and then dissects and disproves many of them!


That’s it for now, have a great weekend, all!