Tis the season for ghosts and witches.  We had fun on a (daytime?) haunted hayride yesterday, followed by apple cider donuts – a true New England must do.  Hope your long weekend was good as well.  Let’s get down to business!


First, from Google….


Product Listing Ads Go Local: If you use Google Shopping to advertise, have you noticed the local availability for Product Listing Ads? PLAs can now show up for local stores and they click through to “local storefronts”. Both features are based on a local product feed managed through Google Merchant Center. Sign up for the beta here.


Ads Ready for the Holidays? Google wants to help you get a head start on prepping for the holiday rush. Channel Intelligence – a feed management service owned by Google – is offering some best practices to get ready for the holidays, including some no brainers, like: make sure your data is accurate, be ready for Cyber Monday, and use mobile bidding. Register for a webinar on this topic here.


Google’s Mobile Playbook: Google has rereleased the Mobile Playbook which helps marketers examine ideas like “how does mobile change our value proposition”, “is our organization adapting to mobile”, and others. The new release includes deeper areas including “showrooming” and when to build a mobile website vs. a mobile app.


Now, let’s see what’s new over at Bing Ads…..


Bing Places Now Available in UK and Canada: Though this isn’t directly tied to PPC, we imagine that it will be soon (see above Google/Local/Merchant/PLA article).


Bing Ads Express: Bing Ads Express (beta) – currently available only in select US cities and categorieswas announced last week, now take a look behind the scenes into what went into it.


New Bing Ads Features: A Dimensions tab and Performance Graph make their debuts! Enjoy!


Travel Vertical Tips: Finally, from Bing this week, PPC tips for the Travel vertical!


Finally, from elsewhere on the www……………


Bing vs. Google:   Check out Search Engine Land’s Microsoft Takes Its ‘Bing It On’ Campaign To The UK, Where Google Has Royal Grip On Search.


Unintended Benefits of PPC? SEL is here to make us feel warm and fuzzy with 5 Ways PPC Can Make You a Better Marketer.


That’s it for now.  Have a great week all!