It’s already been dark in Boston for almost 2.5 hours.  Seems like the onset of winter darkness is coming sooner this year though we don’t think that’s scientifically possible (is it?  JK!).  How about where you are?  Still have any light?


Let’s look at some brighter topics, like what’s happened over the past week in PPC news.


First, from Google………….


Mobile Click to Call Added to Regular Conversion Column: Starting last Tuesday, phone calls from mobile click-to-call were added to the regular Conversion columns, so now they can be used with tools like Conversion Optimizer. Also, calls made by customers will now  be counted in a new column called “Estimated Total Conversions.”  See more.


Consumers Respond Positively to PLAs + Text Ads:  A recent study “suggests that consumers engage more with (and buy more from) brands and retailers who display both a Product Listing Ad (PLA) and a text ad than those who only show text ads. ”  Not really surprising considering many people don’t even realize PLAs are paid ads.


New Opportunities Tab:  Have you seen this yet?  Check it out.  New types of opportunities in this new, enjoyable format include:  bid adjustments based on locations with high or low conversions, bid lowering suggestions (really?), deeper competitor insight, new ad creation prompts, and more.


Now, let’s see what’s happening at Bing Ads………..


Bing Ads Holiday Kit:  Have you gotten your Bing Ads Holiday kit?  We got ours last week.  Not sure how we feel about sending people Bing holiday cards.  :)


Ask Not What Bing Ads Can Do for You…..Actually, Do Ask!:  If there’s anything you would like to see in Bing Ads, let them know!  It could happen since the group manager at Bing Ads let his rally cry for customer service be heard.


Finally, let’s see what else is going on online in PPC-land……….


From Search Engine Land – an RKG analysis shows that cross-device conversions are raising total conversion volume by a range of 2-7%, but for Smartphones, that jumps to those same sites are seeing a lift in conversions of between 9-33%.


Also from SEL – B2Bs & rich ad formats.  The article urges advertisers to use Sitelinks, image extensions, and more.  Check it out for some good things to set you apart from competitors.


From Search Engine Journal – 4 tips for conversion rate optimization that helped the articles author increase sales by more than $500k.


That’s it for this week, everyone.  Stay warm!