Hope everyone is having a great week so far and – if you are in the Boston area – are enjoying the amazing weather we’ve been having.

Now, let’s get down to business and see the latest news from the world of PPC.


First, from Google…….


Google announces a new feature called Estimated Total Conversions which is intended to give better insight into complex purchase paths for better optimization. Estimated cross-device conversions is the first element of this to roll out.  Google has an example of a woman searching for jeans on a device on her way to work and then going directly to the website at work on a desktop to make a purchase.  See how Google provides this insight via sampling here.  See the whole article here.


Another new AdWords feature announced last week is a bidding strategy called target return on ad spend (ROAS). “Target ROAS takes into account signals such as location, browser, time of day, operating system and more to adjust your bids based on your ad’s predicted performance.” Check out the Help Center area to get started.


Finally from Google this week, Analytics Academy is coming.  Google Analytics changes almost as (if not more) frequently than AdWords. Get up to speed with the first lessons released on 10/8/13.  Register here.


Next, from Bing Ads………


Bing Ads has been no slouch when it comes to updates and product releases either.  Call extensions have been available via beta on smartphones for the past year, but last week they announced the introduction of Call Extensions across all devices via Skype – something no one else id offering yet. Advertisers can connect with customers through phone calls directly from their ads, regardless of device.


Also new, for local ads, advertisers will be able to promote up to two business locations in a single ad.  Check out the article about these updates here.


Bing Ads Express beta is here!  Sound familiar?  It’s currently only offered in about ~25 DMAs.  See if yours is on here and click here to get started.


Here are a few links for what we like to call Bing Ads advice columns.  You can learn about the untapped potential of Canadian audiences or start preparing for the holiday retail season with these tips, OR here are 5 tips for advertising success during healthcare reform.


Do you ever read Bing Ads forum?  You could learn some good stuff!  Check it out.


Now, let’s see what the rest of the world is saying about PPC………..


New Data Suggest AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Actually Work from Search Engine Land gives some anecdotes about why Enhanced Campaigns – predicted to change paid search forever – may actually be making a positive impact for many.


We all know how call tracking in AdWords works, right?  Well, if you don’t, or if you find explaining it to a client to be challenging, check out this article.  It’s a good breakdown called Demystifying Call Tracking in AdWords.


From Search Engine Journal – Instagram announces ad rollout.  About time!


See your ROAS increase with a little help from this article (along with Google’s above new feature) –  5 Ways to Drop Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate.


Enjoy your week, everyone!