Hello everyone, hope you’re having a fantastic weekend.  How is it middle of July already?


Let’s check out the past week’s top PPC news to get caught up.


First from Google…..


This is our next to last post before the big switch to Enhanced Campaigns.  Are you ready?  If you are brand new to PPC, here’s the skinny on Enhanced Campaigns – essentially, instead of dividing campaigns into targeting by device, AdWords advertisers will be running the same campaign on multiple devices & geographic areas with bid adjustments for each.  Here’s Google’s Resource Center for Enhanced Campaigns.  Don’t delay – mandatory switchover is less than 2 weeks away!


If you *aren’t* new to PPC, but still aren’t completely on board with Enhanced Campaigns, here’s are some useful links to bidding in the new system –  A Whitepaper with strategies for success with Enhanced Campaigns and a recorded Webinar on the same topic.


Also, if you’re really brand new to PPC, you probably should read this first from Google – Free Course On Creating Your First Online Campaign.  It’s Google’s first MOOC!  Here are the details:

  • What: Marketing 101, a massive open online course
  • Audience: New advertisers
  • When: July 22 – August 9
  • Requirements: Email address and a computer

Interested? Sign up for the course here.


From Google AdWords’ Engagement Ads, check out Google Catalogs in Lightbox — a scalable way to distribute eCatalogs.


Google’s new Databoard for Research Insights is an “interactive tool to help you quickly find what you need from our vast archives of industry-leading research. It’ll even help you tell a story from the stats, turning selected charts and data points into infographics that you can share.”  Check it out!


Now, from Bing Ads land…….


A back to basics article on ad testing by measuring against ROI, CTR, CPA, and Quality Score.  What’s your tried and true?


Just a heads up – by the end of 2013, Bing will require all users to log in to Bing Ads with a Microsoft account and will eliminate the option of using a Bing Ads account.


Search Engine Land touts Bizible as a solution for autotagging Bing Ads so data will show up in Analytics without tedious manual tagging.  check it out.


And, from elsewhere on the web……..


Online advertising is really half the battle.  What do your users do when they get to the destination URL?  Here’s a great article from WordStream – 12 Tests to Increase Your Landing Page Conversion Rate, Starting Today.


comScore says desktop searches are experiencing a rebound!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here’s a good one on Analyzing Cost-Per-Click Inflation In The Marketplace.


Finally, check out quality score explained by a former Googler.

Have a great week everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!