Welcome to Friday, folks! And, more importantly, welcome to official summer. It’s about time, is it not?

Another week down, another weekly PPC update from yours truly to kick off your Friday with a little PPC finesse.

This week, we’re talking mobile, moments, and some new ad opportunities. Bing is talking international audiences and how to reach all those summer travelers both before and during their trips. Vacationers are on the move, so there’s no time like the present – and you don’t have to be a beach chair retailer to capitalize on summertime trends.

Let’s get to it!


What’s up, Google?

Smartphone screens are getting bigger – to the point where it sometimes feels like you’ve got a tablet up to your ear, no? Or maybe holding the actual phone to your ear is so yesterday with Bluetooth and all, so it doesn’t really matter. At any rate, clicking on links from your mobile device, while dramatically improved from years past thanks to those larger screens, is now getting even better.

“When it comes to mobile ad clicks across networks, recent third party studies estimate that up to 50% of clicks are accidental. For advertisers, this can artificially inflate clickthrough rates and increase costs.”

To combat this and improve click quality, Google is implementing some new click-blocking measures to improve both the user and advertiser experience. In the following instances (which have proven to frequently lead to unintentional clicks), clicks will be automatically blocked:

  • Clicks that happen close to the image edge.
  • Clicks on the app icon.
  • Clicks on ads that have just appeared on screen, through the new “clickability delay” which ensures users have ample time to examine the ad’s content before choosing to click.

Get more details in this post.

Did you know that ads don’t exist on all Google properties – not yet anyway? Well, that’s bound to change eventually and Google is moving right along, this time by incorporating ads into Google Play Music.

How are they doing this? By rolling out a new, free, ad-supported version for users that allows advertisers to connect with consumers through “premium content and delightful mobile experiences.” More on this here.

Thousands of creatives gathered this week at Cannes Lions to discuss innovative storytelling, ad technology, and the future of digital marketing. As such, Think with Google is tackling some intriguing topics, such as how to make ads unskippable in the age of the skip button.

Take the Unskippable Labs Experiment, which tested three different iterations of the same ad and, interestingly, found that ads don’t necessarily need to be shorter, quicker, and more snackable, but longer, richer, and even weirder. I’m totally down with that.

For a more macro approach, the latest YouTube insights piece examines thousands of ads across 16 countries and 11 verticals, finding that it’s the little things (like where you place your brand logo and the tone you adopt in the first five seconds) that actually play the biggest role in viewership, brand awareness, and ad recall.

For more insights from the Google think-tank, check out this post.

Programmatic Guaranteed and Marketplace are now available in the DoubleClick Bid Manager, all designed to help advertisers and publishers thrive in the new moments-driven climate. This post on the DoubleClick Advertiser Blog has the scoop.

What else is new in DoubleClick? Cross-device conversion metrics, of course. Check it out.


Hey Bing, how’s it going?

Are you advertising in Brazil? With Bing, the opportunity has never been greater to reach consumers internationally. In fact, Bing has put together an infographic highlighting the international opportunity with some useful stats, such as the 21 million unique searchers you can tap into with Bing Ads in Brazil. Check out this post for details and to download the full infographic.

Let’s talk about summer travel! Summer is a prime season for all kinds of businesses, not just e-commerce vendors who sell beach umbrellas. Bing weighs in with some valuable insights on how to reach summer travelers both before and during their trips – and it’s all about mobile and local:

  • eMarketer says that travel advertisers are expected to spend almost exactly as much (49%) on mobile ads this year as they will spend on other digital platforms.
  • 50% of all spending on digital travel ads is expected to go to paid search this year.

And consider this: When travelers reach their destinations and use their smartphones to search for the things they need and the activities they want to do, they’ve essentially become local searchers. Good news for businesses in popular travel destinations – the majority of money travelers spend on vacations is spent with local businesses at their destinations. Bing suggests:

  • To capture travelers before the trip, tap into pre-trip planning by targeting by location and keyword intent.
  • To reach travelers during the trip, use location targeting.

Get all the details here.

More good news from Bing: You can now customize your column layouts and campaign data, and save those views for next time to save  you time (because we all know those wasted seconds here and there having to set things up the way you like them every time add up). This post has all the details about the new customization options that will make your life easier.


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And with that, my loyal PPC readers, my work here is done – for the week. Tune in next week for more fabulous PPC news, tips, and resources, as always!