We hope you had a great long weekend, but tomorrow it’s back to business as usual.  The kids here go back to school, most grownups breathe a collective sigh of relief, and Halloween candy is already in the stores (what?!?).


At any rate, let’s check out the hottest topics in PPC from the prior week, shall we?


First, from Google…………


Paid & Organic Reports: If you missed it last week, you can now connect your Google AdWords account to Google Webmaster Tools to view organic and paid search result data side by side.


Cross-account Conversion Tracking & Search Funnels: “Closing the loop”, “multi-channel attribution”, etc.  To make these terms less cringe-worthy, Google is offering up Cross-account Conversion Tracking and Cross-account Search Funnels.  This Cross-account Conversion Tracking capability allows us to measure conversion performance across accounts.  Here’s the Help Center article.  Cross-account Search Funnels let you see consumer interaction with your ads across your accounts.  See the Help Center article here.


New AdWords Features: We know you look forward to coming to Boost CTR every week for the weekly PPC update, and now Google is making it easier to see to see the most recent updates in one spot – just look to the top right of the AdWords blog for the most recent Product Updates.


Now, from Bing Ads…………


Bing Ads vs. Google AdWords: The Bing Ads blog tends to be much more promotional than the AdWords blog, and this week’s first post is pretty blatant about it!  See 9 Ways Bing Ads Beats Google AdWords for how this guest blogger thinks the two search giants stack up.  Here’s Search Engine Land’s recap of the article.


Bing Ads Editor Updates: Bing Ads Editor has some changes coming based on customer feedback.  You can attend a webinar Thursday September 12th to learn more about the enhancements.  Register here.


Finally, from Bing Ads for this past week, see how RKG has seen tremendous growth in Bing Ads. See the infographic here.


Now, from elsewhere on the Internet………


Three Paid Search Strategies for Maximizing Brand Equity is a good place to start (or re-start) if you need some help “owning” your brand in the PPC space.  The author recommends:  integrating ad extensions, bidding top position, and engaging customers with branded keywords via customized landing pages.


Global Issues Shift Global SEM & SEO Budgets Even Faster to Asia is a very interesting look in trends in international budget allocations.


A recent study shows a shift in retail paid search traffic (which is up 30% over the first 6 months of 2013) and organic search traffic (down 3% in first half ’13).  This isn’t that surprising considering the addition of expanded Sitelinks and other promotional opportunities that push organic search results further down the page.  What have you seen?


And, finally for this edition, check out Google and Microsoft Team Up To Sue The US Government Over Transparency from Search Engine Journal to see what the companies have up their sleeves.


That’s it, folks.  Enjoy the last few hours of vacation!