Today’s update is the final Weekly PPC Update of 2014. Crazy, right? Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday yesterday if you celebrated.

Today’s PPC update has a theme, an aptly fitting one, of year-in-review, best of 2014, and what’s to come in 2015 in PPC.

Today’s update is a short one, because people took time off work for partying and wrapping gifts and such this week, and of course, planning for some kick-ass parties next week. Nonetheless, I have some fantastic posts, highlights from 2014, and a number of articles looking into potential trends and opportunities for 2015. Next week’s update will be the first of 2015!


Google spent 2014 on top…

Google highlights some of its biggest customer successes in 2014, including customers such as 1-800 Flowers, Point It, Hyatt, and Sephora. Check out their accomplishments and others in this post.

Have you gotten your Google Shopping certification yet? No time like the present to expand your knowledge to rock your PPC in 2015. Details on the Agency Blog here.

DoubleClick is wrapping up the with DoubleClick series for 2014, but will continue to feature customer spotlights in 2015. Learn about the study that kicked off the series this year, “Adding Data, Boosting Impact,” and read some of the many success stories featured on with DoubleClick throughout 2014 in this post.

If you missed this post from last week, it’s worth checking out. DoubleClick looks at how dynamics are changing TV, thanks to the consumer demand to be able to watch programming anytime, anywhere, on any device. Will this become a reality in 2015? Seems to be heading in that direction. Check it out.

Think with Google has an awesome post highlighting the “Year in Search 2014,” including the biggest trends that captured consumers’ attention this year. Highlights include things like:

  • The almighty selfie
  • The Ice Bucket Challenge
  • Crowdfunding
  • Pharrell’s “Mountain Hat”
  • The World Cup 2014 search craze
  • And more

Definitely an intriguing one to check out. You can read it in full here.

And don’t forget to check out the YouTube Ads Leaderboard for year-end 2014, right here.


It’s been a fine year for Bing…

Bing has had a pretty stand-out year in terms of gaining the respect of advertisers, as well as rolling out some fantastic features and capabilities within Bing Ads.

The Bing offices (and thus, the Bing Ads Blog) has been pretty quiet this week, but hey, that means Bing employees are taking time off to spend with family and friends – and that’s a good thing.

Bing does want to wish you and yours Happy Holidays, however, so be sure to check out this post.


PPC will live large in 2015…

Adam Lundquist, CEO of Nerds Do It Better, shares how he increased his conversion rate by 400% in six days. Check out his post on the PPC Hero blog.

Matt Umbro takes a look back at his suggestions for PPC in 2014 and looks forward to 2015. Find out whether PLAs, social PPC campaigns, and remarketing will remain important in 2015 in this post.

It’s time to move beyond keyword targeting as we move into 2015. PPC Hero explains.

If you missed last week’s PPC roundup, you may have missed this post from PPC Hero naming 2015 the Year of Bid and Budget Automation. Check it out here.

Taking time off? What? That’s unheard of if you manage PPC campaigns. Isn’t that, like, impossible? Clix Marketing has some tips for staying productive and on top of your game so that you can not only take time off, but enjoy it. Read it here.

How about being more efficient with your PPC in 2015? Sounds like a fine resolution if you ask me. Increase your PPC efficiency with Excel with these tips from Clix Marketing.

WordStream highlights the top 10 AdWords features of 2014. Great list. Check it out.

Check out this Bing Ads Mobile PPC Roadmap (hint: This is NOT your desktop strategy…) from WordStream in this post.


Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday and you all have some phenomenal plans for New Year’s Eve. If you haven’t yet made your 2015 PPC resolutions, you still have a few days to do so, and this week’s roundup has plenty of tips and insights to help you do just that. Enjoy your week, and have a Happy New Year all!