Greetings, friends, from a thoroughly soaked New England.  We can feel spring in the air and for anyone a fan of GOT – Winter is coming!  (even better?)


Let’s see what’s the happs in PPC land as of late.


First, from Google………


A simpler, easier to manage TrueView in AdWords for Video update is going to occur starting April 15.  Some highlights include:

  • organization by how a user interacts with the ad (either pre-roll video or clicking on a thumbnail)
  • ability to make ads appear at the campaign level -whether on YouTube or GSN
  • ability to tailor in-display ads running on YouTube search pages to these same parameters, in addition to keywords

Read more here.


And, to be first to know some big news coming out of AdWords for this year, be SURE to tune into the livestream April 22nd at 9a.m. PT by registering here.  You’ll see new tools so you can increase awareness and engagement everywhere your customers are online – from the web, to the mobile web, to mobile apps.


Now, let’s go over to Bing Ads………………


Bid Landscape is a handy dandy new option in Bing Ads.  It shows you shows you how different estimated bids would have impacted your impressions and clicks over the previous seven days.  Available in the US only for now.


Bing Ads has put a lot of lip service toward listening to advertisers, and we are thankful.  Three particular new features have come to the Editor based on our collective input.  They include:  a notification at the top of the Campaigns page that alerts you if you have disapproved ads or keywords; “Last 14 Days” and “Last 30 Days” options in your performance report; and, ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), and Revenue & Conversation rate have been added as optional columns to the Campaign, Ad Group, Ads, Keywords and Ad Extensions grids. Enjoy!


Try Bing’s new Broad Match Opportunities feature in Bing Ads Intelligence.   You can download it for free right here on the Bing Ads site. It’ll give you a better picture of what you can gain by using broad match.


We’ve been using them for a while with Google, but Product Ads are coming to Bing!  Check out the deets here.


Now let’s see what other chatter’s going on about PPC…………


Paid Search Spend Rises 8 Percent In Q1, Mobile Shows Signs Of Maturing via Search Engine Land.


Also from SEL, How To Reduce Landing Page Clutter For Optimal AdWords Performance.


This is great for anyone who works with clients running SEO and PPC looking for tips on how to manage on an enterprise level.


From Search Engine Journal:  Bad Ads, Worse Ads, and Very, Very Bad Ads: The Worst of PPC,  Yikes!  Make sure you aren’t an offender!


That’s it for this week, friends.  Have a good one!