Moments are happening all around you, everywhere, every millisecond of the day. And all those moments are increasingly aided by mobile devices, where consumers can turn in an instant to find the information they’re looking for, make plans, get directions to where they’re headed, and so on.

This instant-gratification trend makes the game that much more challenging for advertisers who are tasked with creating the perfect ads with the perfect landing pages to satisfy consumers’ undying thirst for information – while at the same time driving conversions. Add the multitude of touchpoints consumers now engage in on the new path to purchase, and you’ve got yourself a complex task.

Good news: Google, and of course Bing, are always on the lookout for ways to improve the advertising experience by making it possible to measure all the things that lead to these moments, as well as the moments themselves, in a seamless, cohesive, and even automated way.

Find out what’s been happening behind the scenes to make it easier to plan, measure, execute, and optimize your digital advertising in this week’s PPC update.


Checkin’ in with the Googster…

Moments. Consumers are constantly in search of their next moment. Moments like:

  • I want to do…
  • I want to know…
  • I want to go…
  • I want to buy…

Where do they turn when they’re looking for these moments? Their smartphones, of course. In fact, more Google searches happen on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries – including the U.S. and Japan.

Google, as you know, is on a mission to make it easier for marketers to reach their audiences on these new touchpoints along the path to purchase. On Tuesday, Google announced some AdWords innovations that take another step up, including:

  • Automobile Ads: This new ad format takes consumers to a “beautiful carousel of car images that shows you how a car looks inside and out — like how the sleek metallic finish looks with the black leather and wood trim.” Tap on an image for more details like estimated MPG and horsepower, or tap on the “Dealers” link to discover nearby dealers.
  • Hotel Ads: Another massively popular vertical, the hotel industry gets millions of searches every day, from consumers looking for rates, availability, locations, user reviews, and all that need-to-know information before booking a hotel for their next business trip or vacation. Hotel Ads are now showing globally for hotel partners around the world, showing current prices from a variety of sources. Ready to book? It’s easy; just click “Book.”
  • Mortage Ads: The financial industry is hot, hot, hot, and the fire’s not fading anytime soon. Consumers are always in need of mortgages, loans, financial advice, and the like, in good economic times and bad, so this vertical isn’t going anywhere. So soon, whether someone is looking to refinance or purchase a home for the first time, they’ll be able to find the latest mortgage rates from multiple lenders, in addition to viewing customized criteria like interest rates, loan terms, and fees. And, consumers can apply directly with a lender or speak to a qualified adviser for more information – all directly from a Google search ad.

Showing the right ads for consumers’ context and intent seems a near impossibility given the billions of monthly searches, billions of hours of video consumed, and billions of interactions with a variety of websites and apps. Automation makes it possible to reach the right consumers at the right time with the right message, in spite of the sheer vastness of the search landscape. Tools like automated bidding and dynamic search ads are the ticket.

And of course, you need to be armed with the tools you need to measure all the moments that matter. To help marketers measure what matters, Google also announced several new products to meet this demand:

  • AdWords attribution: Moving past the one-click attribution model, advertisers will now be able to select an attribution model with each conversion type.
  • Cross-device conversions integrated with automated bidding: You have to be able to measure the conversions that start on one device but are completed with another. Later this year, Google is rolling out a tool to help you take action on these insights, part of a broader update that will give you the option to include cross-device conversions as part of the Conversions column.
  • Marketing experiments: New tools to help you measure the incremental impact generated from your Google ads are here. Check out this case study on HomeAway, a gobal vacation rental marketplace that discovered a 49% lift in click-related traffic from Google Display Network ads.

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What’s happening, Bing?

Knowledge is power and all that, and Bing wants to help you get smarter. Bing’s Industry Insights section offers free insights based on Bing and market research data for a variety of industries, including:

  • Retail
  • Financial Services
  • Automotive
  • Travel
  • Health and Wellness
  • Tech and Telecom
  • Education

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  • Include clickable phone numbers in your ads.
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  • Analyze your call data.

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And, that’s all, folks! I suspect you’ll be arming yourself with abundant knowledge this weekend in between creating all those moments that matter in your own life, eh? Enjoy your weekend, all!