Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekends, and thanks to everyone in uniform for their service, especially those who are no longer with us.  As you are enjoying your first (or second) cup of coffee, let’s catch up on the latest PPC news before heading out to any picnics or parades.


First, from Google…..


There was so much info coming out of Mountain View last week – a lot having to do with Enhanced Campaigns.


First of all, we have a new keyword tool!  The Keyword Planner tool finally combines the Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator into one.  No more having to explain the different numbers!  Also, now you can see searches on a city level and lump keywords into “plans”.


Register now for Think DoubleClick on June 4th, which is Google’s “state of the digital marketing” annual event.


Flexible bidding strategies, available in Enhanced Campaigns, allow you to use a combination of automated and manual bidding.  The common theme of Enhanced Campaigns seems to be that advertisers can apply changes across campaigns.  You will also be able to optimize bids for better performance by location and by mobile device.


AdWords Editor has a bunch of new features to support Enhanced Campaigns.


Finally, from Google, this coming Thursday will be a webinar about Measuring Success in a Multi-Device World.  A good idea to attend so you can report back all of the good work you’ve been doing.


Next from Bing Ads……


Bing launches the Bing Ads Traffic Quality Center to help advertisers gain insights into how Bing manages fraudulent behavior.


For those of us who are new to paid search, Bing has a blog post about negative keywords – what they are and how to use them.


This post details steps customers take during the online purchase journey.  There are valuable insights and tips here including types of keywords to target for various steps in the journey, landing page optimization and more.


Finally, Bing offers some best practices for targeting different types of devices here.


That’s it for this week!  Enjoy your day!