Welcome to your weekly, wintry, wooly PPC update!

Let’s learn about what’s hot in the industry over the past week.


A solid theme coming from Google over the past year is a focus on brand measurement. In this blog post, the AdWords team makes some good points that measurement should be actionable, not done as an after the fact campaign wrapup. Google’s taken some big steps to make campaigns more measurable via Active View, comScore vCE and more. Check out the full post to get details.


Mobile Sitelinks now available in Bing Ads! Check out the deets here.


Search Engine Watch has an article in a similar vein – using PPC as an awareness campaign. This post points out multi-channel attribution in Google Analytics as a good way to measure, analyze, and take action.


Econsultancy has a good article about important considerations for mobile PPC success. Learn more about how to tailor your campaigns for mobile here.


Surely you are tracking every meaningful conversion for yourself or clients, right? Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees and rely on one conversion point set at the beginning of a campaign, when there are often many other points to include. Check out this Wordstream article to learn more about conversion tracking.


Speaking of conversions, Bing Ads has kicked off platform updates for conversion tracking; now the following reports are available in all Bing Ads performance reports: Assists, Conversions, Conversion rate (%), Extended cost, Revenue, Return on ad spend (ROAS), CPA, Cost per assist, Revenue per conversion, Revenue per assist.


Also, if you’re in or around LA, check out Bing Ads Connect. Here you can “talk to onsite experts about growing search advertising opportunities and get tips to easily optimize your Bing Ads campaigns and increase profitability.”


Shopping campaigns in Google AdWords are now available globally! Check out this video to get started in this platform.


Finally for this week, check out some PPC Power Plays from Search Engine Watch. The author gives real life examples of Ad Group level Sitelinks, Device specific ad copy and more.


Stay warm all!