This week, while many parts of the U.S. are preparing to freeze their toes off this winter with crazy predictions of insane amounts of snowfall and extreme cold that might make the North Pole seem like a good spot for a tropical vacation, Bing is educating its advertisers on the art of Mobile Jiu Jitsu.

It has little to do with whatever you may be thinking it does and everything to do with the holiday shopping frenzy. Specifically, the mobile holiday shopping frenzy set to take place in the midst of the insanely frigid winter that’s just around the corner. Which makes sense, if you think about it, because all that snow is going to down some power lines, so we’re all going to be hunkered down with our iPhones burning through credit cards to stay warm…

But before we hunker down with the art of Jiu Jitsu, we have some PPC news to cover.


What’s happening this week in the land of Google?

More ways to reach a targeted audience, of course. In the past two years, Google introduced affinity and in-market audiences:

  • Affinity audiences: Audience targeting with 80 unique lifestyle segments based on interest categories and demographics.
  • In-market audiences: Targeting buyers actively searching for products or services, indicated by their recent search history and online behaviors.

So what’s new? The ability to customize affinity audiences, meaning you can target precisely the prospects you need to reach, on any device, across the Google Display Network. And, it works well with existing features like Engagement Ads and viewable impressions. And, you can measure it with Brand Lift Reporting.

As you set your customizations to define an affinity audience, AdWords gives you instant estimates of the number of people you’ll reach, including demographic breakdowns and details about their most recent affinities. For a case study and more details, check out the AdWords Blog.


Hello, Bing…what’s shaking?

Bing Ads wants you to know they’re listening to you. Over the course of seven product advisory meetings over the last year, Bing Ads has brought you some pretty awesome features – like all those you read about in this weekly update – in response to user feedback. For a look at the many changes Bing has implemented over the past year, check out this post on the Bing Ads Blog.

Have an idea of your own that would improve the Bing Ads experience? Submit it at the Bing Ads Feature Suggestion Forum. Hey, you never know, I might be touting the awesomeness of the rollout of your suggested feature right here…you’d be like a celebrity. For realz.

Remember those device targeting changes we talked about? The rollout is now complete, meaning every advertising campaign that targets PCs will now also target tablets, and vice-versa. And, the bid adjustment range for targeting tablets is now +300% to -20%. Get the scoop here.

The e-commerce retail segment is expected to grow 16.6% for the 2014 holiday season, totaling an estimated $72 billion. That’s an insane amount of cash that I’m fairly certain you don’t want to snub. What’s the key to capturing these shoppers and subsequently pocketing some of this coveted holiday shopping cash-ola? Mobile.

Mobile ad clicks have grown 116% on Bing Ads, year over year, and 40% of consumers say mobile is the most important resource in their buying decisions. Clearly, advertisers targeting mobile shoppers are going to be standing in the prime spot for capturing as much holiday spend as possible. That means you must address the five key ways mobile might be playing into the buying process:

  • Mobile commerce
  • Offline sales
  • Online sales
  • Phone orders
  • Showrooming

The secret sauce, according to Bing, is learning Mobile Jiu Jitsu. No, seriously. That’s their secret to success. You can read about it here.


Who’s Jiu Jitsu-ing elsewhere on the web?

So, you’ve got some account performance issues, and you want to get to the bottom of them. You might think that all possible performance issues could be pinpointed within your AdWords dashboard. But in reality, you might be better off turning to an Excel spreadsheet.

I know, it sounds nuts. But PPCHero has an awesome post explaining precisely why you might be better off using Excel for certain diagnostic needs, and just how to go about it. Check it out.

How about a higher CTR? Yes, please. Ed Lew offers up five proven tips for immediately boosting your CTR at 3Q Digital. Get ‘em here.

A phone call is the ultimate goal of many lead-gen scenarios, and with more sophisticated call conversion tracking and dynamic phone numbers, who needs forms anymore? There are several reasons why relying on the tried-and-true lead-bait tactic offering an incentive for the exchange of information is still a valuable system for generating leads – or, essentially, building prospect lists. PPCHero takes a look at the changing opportunities in lead generation and what works.

Uh, is Google stealing your brand search queries? 3Q Digital reports on some fishy-seeming findings when a sitelinks search results in competitor ads in the SERPs. Not cool…or is it? Well, with further digging, it seems this is an interesting phenomenon that happens some of the time, and while not ideal, it’s not an impossible-to-overcome dilemma. Find out the real deal at the 3Q Digital blog.

PPC can seem pretty overwhelming at times, and that’s exactly what Robert Brady of Clix Marketing discovered when he unintentionally overwhelmed a new client during the onboarding process, in explaining the overhaul that needed to take place to improve the client’s PPC campaigns. He breaks down the essentials and provides a clear-cut recipe for keeping things simple and digestible, even for the non-experienced advertiser. Read it here.

Digital marketing involves a multitude of channels, and all of them influence one another in some way. Content influences SEO, social relies on content marketing, and in turn also influences SEO, and paid search has ties to organic, and it goes on and on. You know how intertwined it all is. This great post at RKG discusses the different ways the multiple facets of digital marketing impact each other, and how to use multi-channel data (including paid search data) to influence your SEO strategy. Read the full story.


Well, folks, I’m off to refine my Jiu Jitsu. Enjoy your weekend, and if you do any Jiu Jitsu of your own, you’re required to send in videos of your practice sessions for extra credit.