Warmer weather and sunshine are enhancing the motivation levels of many people gearing up for fun summer time bliss, like vacations, swimming, camping, gardening, hiking, biking, and pretty much anything involving the great outdoors. Whether you’re a retailer selling bathing suits and sunblock, a travel agency that helps people plan the perfect getaway, or an agency that works with companies like these to manage their digital advertising campaigns, it’s time to start prepping for the fun summer season.

In this week’s Weekly PPC Update, we have more insights on the multi-device world and how platforms like AdWords and Bing Ads are improving features and enhancing their offerings to help their advertisers capitalize on the increasingly mobile audience and the multi-device experience. But also, we’ll look at whether you should be considering a cross-border strategy (hint: the answer, most likely, is yes) and how you can use PPC to power your entire marketing strategy, plus a whole lot more.

What are we waiting for? Let’s see what’s emerged from the world of PPC this week.


Let’s check in with Google…

Easier reporting for multiple campaign types is on its way. Over the next few weeks, Google will be rolling out three new features to help multi-channel advertisers more easily manage their reporting and find the insights they need to drive results.

These new features will allow you to easily:

  • Filter your account by campaign type to easily view only Search, Display, or Shopping Network campaigns
  • See more relevant columns more quickly, now that your last viewed columns are stored by both tab and campaign type
  • Apply column sets based on your advertising goals with pre-defined column sets

Check out this post on the AdWords Blog for more details and visit this Google Support page for specifics.

The line between the offline and digital worlds continue to blur, and this is particularly true in broadcasting. But as the offline and digital worlds merge, broadcasters face new challenges in managing an advertising business that spans multiple devices and a multitude of methods for consuming content.

Google is on-point, of course, and already working on several initiatives to help broadcasters rise to this challenge. Rany Ng, Director of Product Management, Video, introduced a few of these initiatives at the NAB Show this week, including:

  • Offering better TV forecasting in DoubleClick for publishers
  • Making mDialog inventory available in DoubleClick Ad Exchange
  • Investing for the future by experimenting with additional models such as linear TV
  • Continuing to explore the evolution of TV

If you missed the white paper on the Evolution of TV from Think with Google, you can grab it here, and read the full post from the DoubleClick Advertiser Blog for more details.

This is a great post from Think with Google on the “I-Want-to-Go,” search-to-store moments that are increasingly happening with consumers who are turning to their smartphones for everything. “Turning to our smartphones when we need something—a forgotten word, a better price, a movie time—has become a reflex. We want things right, and we want things right away. As a result, the consumer journey looks markedly different than it did only five years ago. Instead of a few moments of truth, it’s a series of ’micro-moments’ when we turn to mobile to act on a need.” Worth a read.


Let’s see what’s up with Bing…

It’s finally here: Bing Ads for iOS. Recognizing the multi-device world, Bing wants to provide advertisers and their campaign managers with the best possible experience whenever and wherever they need it. Now, iPhone and iPad users are able to:

  • View account, campaign, ad group, ad, and keyword performance
  • Edit budgets and bids
  • Pause and enable campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords
  • Get critical alerts, such as credit card expiration impacting payment status

Bing points out that this is only the first step in bringing Bing Ads into the mobile-first, cloud-first world, so stay tuned for more developments. More on this here.

Have you considered a cross-border strategy into Canada? Did you know that 75% of all Canadians live within 100 miles of the US-Canadian border? Canada’s economy is among the most solid in the world, and many companies view Canada as a natural extension of their customer acquisition efforts.

Bing says there’s no time like the present to consider expanding your strategy across the border, and they’ve released a white paper illustrating why and how to do so: Cross-Border E-commerce in Canada. You should also check out this post for more compelling statistics that make a convincing case for adopting a cross-border strategy.


And moving on to the rest of the web…

PPCHero reveals four design principles to keep top-of-mind as you design landing pages. After all, it’s your landing pages that close the deal and generate solid leads after your ad campaigns bring them in. Read it here.

PPC can actually be used to power your entire marketing strategy. One of the main ways to use PPC to drive your complete marketing strategy is to leverage PPC to discover new audiences. PPCHero outlines how in this post.

User-empowered, opt-in content rules the day. But what challenges does this create for advertisers? Specifically, has advertising been able to keep pace with this trend? Find out what 3Q Digital has to say about the changing dynamic of user empowerment and content consumption in this post.

Building out and expanding your keyword lists is, without a doubt, a massive undertaking. 3Q Digital has some valuable tips for keyword evaluation to make the process more systematic – and less daunting. Check it out.

As part of The Complete AdWords Audit series from Certified Knowledge, this post talks about the importance of Google Shopping campaigns for retailers and how to optimize your campaigns to maximize results.

Is the AdWords Keyword Planner getting yet another facelift? Clix Marketing reveals some recent findings that indicate more user-friendly features are on their way. Read it here.

Merkle|RKG warns of the impending Google Algorithm update, slated to hit April 21st. Are you prepared? Find out in this post.

One of WordStream’s Ask the Experts posts tackles a common question: Can you use the same strategy for search and display campaigns? Find out here.


So, that’s that. The world is mobilized, and your audience is embracing the multi-device experience, so it’s time to get with the program. The good news is, of course, that PPC remains a valuable tool to help you capture the attention of your audience at every stage in the buyer’s journey and on every device. Not to mention the value of PPC for providing insights you can apply to your overall marketing strategy. In other words, the time to embrace PPC is now. Stick with me, and you’ll be golden.