Now that you’ve been introduced to the Boost Blog’s fresh and fabulous new look – just in time for summer – time to get back to business and the weekly happenings in the world of paid search advertising.

Did you survive Friday the 13th? In these parts, it was also a full moon…and you know what that means. The craziness of all crazies was running amok all over Beantown. Or something like that.

Oh, and they say Mercury is in retrograde, too. That’s supposed to mean something really bad, like an everything-that-can-possibly-go-wrong-does kinda deal. Seriously? Everyone can’t have a bad day all at the same time, can they?

If you’re worried about your life turning into some sort of s^&*storm, have no fear: Boost Media is here, with all the news and tricks you need to keep your campaigns running full steam ahead. Mercury’s scary little retrograde-whatever has nothing on us.

It’s been a pretty big week in the Google-verse…

Google has introduced a new hub catering to small and local businesses: Google My Business, which combines Google Search, Google Maps, Google+ and AdWords in one central location. The goal is to help smaller and localized businesses get more visibility in Google through a few rather helpful capabilities:

  • Update your Search, Maps and Google+ business info all at once, from the same place.
  • Add photos and visualizations to highlight your business.
  • Manage your Google+ account directly from Google My Business.
  • Manage it all from anywhere with the Google My Business Android app – and soon-to-be iOS app.

Hit up Search Engine Land for a sweet visual walk-through of the new features and capabilities.

Need to boost brand recognition? A 2013 meta-study from Google and Ipsos MediaCT – which entailed 61 distinct studies conducted across a dozen verticals – found that search ads lift brand awareness. So all those valuable marketing dollars you’re throwing into the AdWords and broad paid search mix are doing good things for your brand, too. Specifically, the study found an 80 percent increase in top-of-mind awareness directly resulting from consumers’ exposure to a branded paid search ad. Get the details at Inside AdWords.

Profit-driven marketing just might be the next buzzword in the digital media space. At least if Google has anything to say about it. The trend points to marketers who are shifting their focus from the traditional paid search KPIs to one of dollars and cents based on real sales and revenue potential. More on Google’s profit-driven marketing philosophy here.

More helpful news from AdWords: A new content API for shopping has been released to help you better manage bulk data. You can more rapidly update price and availability details for one or more items, for instance, or get item-level quality data to identify and resolve issues. Read more about how this update will help you keep your data fresh.

Let’s see what the week revealed for Bing…

Say bye-bye to Bing Ads Express. Bing announced on Monday, June 16th that Bing Ads Express is a goner on July 30th. Customers will continue to have access to their account information through that date. If you’ve been using Bing Ads Express, you’ll have to go through the standard account setup process – but make sure you pause your Express campaigns if you do so before July 30th to avoid running duplicate campaigns. Learn more at the Bing Ads Blog.

If your time is at a premium (ha! Whose isn’t?), you might want to check out Bing’s Video Gallery. In this post, they share a recap of recent video blogs and talk about the time-saving benefits of the Bing Video Gallery how-to videos and tutorials.

Bing Ads Editor will soon release version 10.4, which will feature enhanced granular targeting capabilities along with more streamlined bulk management. Check it out on the Bing Ads blog for more details about Bing’s commitment to scalability for advertisers.

As part of the Bing Ads Academy series, Katrina Morris shares an insightful analysis of the Share of Voice report and how you can use it to better optimize your ad campaigns. Get the scoop.

More changes coming around the bend as Bing aims to improve compatibility with AdWords and Google at large. This article outlines the upcoming changes to device targeting options and this one talks about auto-tagging of destination URLs that would enable you to track campaign performance in analytics programs like Google Analtyics.

News from the rest of the web…

Have you checked out the AdWords Best Practices Series? It’s the result of a partnership between Google and Search Engine Land to help AdWords users get more bang for their buck and improve their campaigns. White papers, checklists, guides, you know…all the stuff that gets us (and you, our ever-loyal Roundup Readers) excited. Check it out!

Google is rolling out some changes to its AdWords policies in September. Since September will be here in the blink of an eye, it’s a good idea to get acquainted now. PPCHero has the details.

But for now, it’s summa-summa-summa time, and that means sunshine, warm breezes and ocean mists. If you’re in the business of selling sprinklers, beach umbrellas, boating products and the like, it’s a great season for you. You may or may not know that you can target your AdWords campaigns based on weather (didn’t know? Get on it!), but Marketing Land reveals that Twitter is rolling out a similar weather-targeting options for paid advertisers.

Think PPC is out of your budget? Think again: Brent Frei, co-founder of, reveals 5 reasons why PPC works for small budgets at

Last week, Google rolled out the PayDay Loan 3.0 algorithm, first introduced in 2013, which targets super-spammy queries – not sites – for things like buying Viagra online, casinos and porn. Get the details from Search Engine Land here. Thing is, no one really knows what exactly targeting “queries” means…

Want to impress all your friends with your sophisticated analytics prowess? Check out this Excel PPC Heat Mapping 101 tutorial at PPC Hero.

Are you Google AdWords-Certified? You can now get a personalized HTML certificate to show off your achievement – and you also get a shareable, public profile page. This is one of those situations in which tooting your own horn is perfectly acceptable. Find out how at Search Engine Roundtable.

Let’s leave hump day on a fabulous note with these 64 epic marketing ideas from WordStream. Whether you’ve had a crappy day or not, ideas like hashtag-ifying your content must get your creative juices flowing.

Your assignment for the rest of this week: Randomly insert the word “hashtag-ify” in normal conversation at least 10 times. It’s even better if you do it in conversation with non-web-savvy friends.

Stick with us, peeps. We’ve got good karma.