Anyone else feel like 2013 is going by realllllllllly fast?  We’ve seen Christmas decorations in stores already!  Apparently, the reason why time appears to speed up the older you get is that each year is a smaller percentage of your life.  To a 7 year-old, a year represents 1/7 of his life; to a 47 year old, it represents 1/47th.  Feel old yet?


On to the good news from PPC land over the past week.


First, from Google………


After redesigning the Google Analytics interface, launching an ENTIRELY new organic search algorithm, and adding a whole new factor to Ad Rank determination – all in the past month(!) – Google AdWords seems to have been taking it easy on the news front last week.  The only news on the AdWords blog is some tips for successful PLAs for holiday shopping.


Google Analytics has had a whole lot going on, though.  Namely, Universal Analytics – though still technically in beta, it’s available and being used by a lot of companies.  Here’s an “easy” way to upgrade via the GA blog.  Note that Google’s definitely still working out the kinks, so you may want to do a little research first.


Finally, from Google – we all know Google Analytics can show us a lot of cool stuff about our PPC campaigns, but did you realize that there are 270+ data points that the core API shows!?  Check out the Dimensions and Metrics Reference to find out different ways to slice and dice your data!


Now, let’s check out what’s new with Bing/Yahoo………..


Looking for key dates and tips for the Holiday season in the Bing Ads platform?  Well, your wish is our command.  Here you go.


In case you’ve missed our past several posts, see the most recent changes to Bing Ads including upgrades to Location extensions, Call extensions with call analyticsenhanced campaigns and Bing Ads Express.


And, have you heard about Hero Ads?????  Scroll down to the bottom of this post to read more about these and Smart Search.


Looking to connect with Bing Ads and/or other advertisers?  This from the Bing Ads blog:  Bing Ads Connect will kick-off in Seattle on November 5, 2013, followed by Toronto, Canada on November 20, 2013. Additional events are planned in 2014 including Los Angeles (February), San Francisco (March), New York (April), Austin (April) and Chicago (May).


Finally, let’s see what’s going on elsewhere……………


Do you use Remarketing Lists for Search Ads?  Here are some observations & useful takeaways from someone who’s been using them for some time.  The takeaway?  Focus on your top keywords.


Here are 5 Conversion Tracking Tips using both those available via Google AdWords and other platforms.


Here’s an article from SEJ about the above mentioned Hero Ads.


Finally, Can RTB turn display into search?  See what our friends at Search Engine Watch have to say here.


That does it for this week friends!  Have a great upcoming week.