Happy Olympics time everyone!  Take a little break from ice dancing to see the newest stuff in PPC world.


What’s the official news from Google AdWords?


How did you holiday campaigns go?  If you’d like to be in a better spot next year, or if you’d like to analyze your performance with advice from Google AdWords, then check out this list to help you:  Post Holiday Learnings.


You can check out most of the recent official Google AdWords news by looking at last week’s post.


Let’s see what the official PPC word from Bing/Yahoo Ads is………..


K, it’s slightly quiet on both AdWords and BingAds official blogs this week, BUT you can see the Bing Ads January Release Summary here.


How about the rest of the Internet?  


Every wonder how organic search affects paid?  Well, apparently even though Expedia got hit with a penalty for its organic search efforts via unnatural links, it still has a positive bottom line.


Here are some optimization tips for ecommerce sites based on a large sample of client sites.


In the world of PPC we are facing more competition, and smarter competition.  Get some insights here about how to do a competitive intelligence report to get you started on the right foot this year.


Remarketing is something that a lot of advertisers have great success with.  Check out this Google Analytics post about how Remarketing is being improved and better able to target the people you want.  Along those lines, another blog post from Google Analytics tells us how to get Richer Insights for B2B marketing.  Check it out!


From HubSpot, some ideas on how to do keyword research.  We always find that our ideas on keyword research are constantly evolving.  How about you?


That’s it for now…have a great week, everyone!