Another week, another chance to learn what’s buzzing in the PPC world and take your PPC game to the next level. Google and Bing are taking every opportunity to up their own game as well, which is obvious given this week’s selection of feature announcements and opportunities emerging from both camps.

From Google, some new features and opportunities to take advantage of those micro-moments we’ve been talking so much about. Bing offers up plenty of useful advice for monitoring the health of your campaigns and how to use data-driven content marketing to get ahead of your competitors. And of course, we’ll see what the thought leaders have to say about the current PPC climate…and make sure you read all the way to the end of today’s post for an excellent article from WordStream on how to win the AdWords game.

Let’s get started, shall we?


Let’s find out what’s new with Google…

As a brand trying to reach consumers in the multi-channel, multi-device world, you know all too well how important it is to know which moments matter most and precisely when to engage your audience to get the results you want.

Last year, Google launched BrandLift to help advertisers measure the impact of YouTube ads across the consumer journey, all the way from awareness to ad recall to brand interest – in days, not weeks or months. BrandLift has been quite successful in its first year, and it just so happens that Google is introducing some new features to celebrate BrandLift’s one year anniversary.

BrandLift will now include:

  • Measuring lift in consideration
  • Favorability
  • Purchase intent

And, because more than half of YouTube’s traffic happens on mobile devices, BrandLift will now measure the impact of ads served on YouTube’s mobile app as well. Check out this post for more details.

Google is really big on this whole micro-moments thing, so they’ve launched new insights to help advertisers capitalize on these micro-moment opportunities. New qualitative and quantitative insights are at your fingertips at Think with Google’s Micro-Moments portal. There are some pretty compelling statistics to back this new-found focus on micro-moments, such as:

  • There’s been a 20% increase in mobile’s share of online sessions across the web in the past year.
  • At the same time, there’s been a corresponding decrease of 18% in time spent per visit across the web.
  • Basically, this means that mobile is now accounting for more sessions, and sessions are getting shorter overall.

Some other interesting findings from Google’s ongoing research that you just might be interested in learning:

  • 60% of smartphone users pick up their devices mid-conversation to look up something they just heard.
  • 66% turn to their devices to look up something they saw on a television commercial.
  • 65% look up more information online now than they did a year ago.
  • 82% use a smartphone to look up a local business, such as the nearest coffee shop.
  • 91% use their devices to search for ideas while completing a task.

In other words, these moments are becoming increasingly more important – and it’s becoming increasingly imperative for advertisers to know how to capture consumers in these critical moments, as well as to measure the impact of their advertising efforts on consumer behavior. More on this here.

App developers are looking for new ways to measure, manage, and optimize across ad networks and operating systems. Last week, Google announced new media partnerships and ads offerings designed to cater to the unique needs of mobile app marketers. What’s new? Google Analytics for Apps, for one, which provides an industry-leading solution for in-app analytics. And as of May 28th, Google has built partnerships with more than 20 ad networks since launching iOS conversion tracking late in 2014.

But that’s not all. It’s now easier to promote your apps across Google, and the search giant has announced solutions to help you develop apps, engage users organically, and earn more money from your apps. More money is always good, right? More on this here.


And let’s check in with Bing…

The Bing Ads Blog is on fire this week, with plenty of tips and other awesomeness to make your life easier and your marketing more effective. First, Bing offers up some tips for account review optimization for peak performance in this post, including tips for conducting an Account Health Check and Account Optimization tips.

Bing is also demystifying display, destination, and landing page URLs. All of these URLs are used to conduct Bing Ads editorial policy compliance, so you need to know what’s what and what’s allowed and not allowed in the display URL policy. For the rundown on URL types and tips for what to do if your ad is disapproved, check out this post.

Content marketing is a mainstream activity for many (er, all) marketers. Why? According to Bing, “because of this known factor: the web is a matrix of locations and applications that people use to explore and share ideas, exchange information and purchase goods, products and services. Some of those goods, products and services require long purchase considerations like houses, cars or cloud computing providers. Others are quick wins, like clothing, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs) and accessories. Content acts as a currency to help as a conversation piece in a world moving ever more toward a “Social By Design” aesthetic.”

To learn about the five factors used in data-driven content marketing creation that will help you stand out from your competition, read this post.

You should also read this post for some great insights from Bing about the use of personal assistants, the collection of background data, and how consumers expect brands to use this data to create more engaging, relevant experiences. Good stuff.


What’s happening around the web?

PPC Hero is abuzz with some tips to get more from Bing this week. In this post, learn three essential tips you need to know before creating Bing Shopping Campaigns. And learn about Bing’s new automated rules, giving you the ability to schedule and automate your top campaign management actions, here.

Have you heard about Pinterest’s “Buy It” Pins? Any retail advertiser is surely all over this development. But in case you’re not yet on the bandwagon, 3Q Digital has the scoop. Read about Pinterest’s new opportunity for advertisers – and whether it’s really a game-changer – in this post.

Did someone say PPC keyword research? If you’re in the PPC game, those words make your ears perk up – as well they should. Anyone offering up new strategies for keyword research or tips for simplifying the process (or making it more effective), I’m all ears. Clix Marketing delivers with a post sharing some of the best tools and resources for PPC keyword research. Check it out.

Google’s “Buy” button is “imminent,” according to Google chief business officer Omid Kordestani at last week’s Code Conference. But what does this mean, exactly, for advertisers? Merkle|RKG has some insights here.

Google revealed some very intriguing – and shocking – things about the future of AdWords at SMX. Margot da Cunha has the scoop on the WordStream blog here.

And finally, with a nod to this week’s post headline, WordStream talks about the AdWords game and reveals some secrets on how to WIN the game. A must-read, check it out.


Whether you’re spending the weekend strategizing about how you’re going to up your PPC game or getting some much-needed R&R, make it a great one!