Happy Friday, marketers! For many of us who live in the land of digital marketing, the weekend means little more than an opportunity to connect with a different customer base. Nonetheless, the weather is beautiful in many parts of the country, so try to catch a little sunshine this weekend – it’s good for you (in moderation, of course).


Turns out to be a relatively quiet week in the PPC world. In fact, in Google-land, I think I hear some crickets chirping.


What’s going on Google? Where’s the news?



A stop at Inside AdWords reveals…not a thing since last week’s update. What do they have up their sleeve? Hmmm.


Pete Crofut looks at digital marketing from a different angle at Think With Google. Marketers are developing more powerful ads by tapping into the same data used to define ad delivery and target audiences. Find out how to power your creative with data here.


Also, Google released its Q1 2014 YouTube Insights report – a worthwhile read if you extend your ad campaigns to YouTube. (Hint: If you target the 18-34 demographic, you should.) Check it out here.


No crickets in Bing’s universe…


Google may have spent the week hiding out, but Bing is offering some helpful tips for common Bing Ads Editor snafus, brought to you from program manager Ping Jen’s email inbox, where he stores common reported issues, root causes, and first-aid remedies. Check it out.


Life would be a whole lot simpler if you could just migrate all your AdWords campaigns into Bing Ads, wouldn’t it? Well, guess what? You can. Keep in mind, though, you do want to customize your campaigns to reflect differences in audience and other variables between the two. Find out how to double-up on your efforts here.


Trying to figure out where your ads will be displayed, and what determines location? Two Bing Ads settings are behind it – click for the reveal.


Location, location, location…the word on the streets…


Say you’re in New York City on a business trip and search for restaurants in San Diego to make reservations for your weekend getaway. Google offers you up some nice New York City-based ads in response. Huh? 3Q Digital verifies Google’s new policy and shares the workaround here.


Product marketers have been deciding between Product Listing Ads and Google Shopping Campaigns for a while now…but are you making the right choice? Find out in this post from Certified Knowledge.


Budget constraints are an unfortunate reality in digital marketing. If only the cash flow was endless…we can dream about money growing on trees all day, or we can figure out how to maximize the budget we’re working with. PPC Hero delivers on that with The Essential Toolkit for Paid Search Budgeting. Get it here.


And with that, loyal paid search marketers, I leave you to your own devices to put these techniques and tips to work – enjoy!