In case you haven’t noticed, it’s May. Almost the middle of May. It’s like I blinked and half of 2014 was gone.


And that means that if you didn’t conduct a heavy-lifting, spring-cleaning audit of  your PPC campaigns in March or April, the halfway point (or somewhere close to it) is a perfect excuse to analyze the daylights out of your paid search campaigns and reallocate your resources where it counts. Why not make the second half of 2014 go out with a bang?


Of course, the news hasn’t stopped happening while I was blinking, so let’s take a look and what’s up in PPC land.


First up, the Great Google Giant…


Isn’t it about time someone did a re-make so Charlie Brown can watch anxiously for the Great Google Bot instead of the Great Pumpkin in that Halloween special? I digress.


If you were a little shaken up by the news that the dreaded “not provided” was probably going to creep into your AdWords data, too, Google’s latest Best Practices Guide, Keywords to the Wise, will share some useful advice such as:

  • Targeting not just language, but the meaning behind the search query.
  • Shortening up those extra-long long-tail keywords.
  • Uncovering new opportunities for targeting and expanding your reach.
  • Why aren’t you adding negative keywords based on your reports? Make it a regular task.


Download a copy here.


Nothing but good news out of the Google realm this week, as another tidbit emerging from the AdWords blog announces that Analytics and AdWords bulk linking has finally arrived. Within a few weeks, you’ll be able to link multiple AdWords accounts to gain rich insights from Analytics.


This streamlined functionality will give you more granular control, and make it easier to find unlinked accounts. Get the scoop here.


Finally, location has officially taken over the game. Eighty percent of consumers said they prefer zip codes or other location-specific data to accompany search ads. The full report is over at Think with Google.


Now, what’s been going on in the land of Bing?


Extensions, extensions, extensions. Google’s touting their relevance and value, and Bing is getting down to the nitty-gritty with a detailed guide to deciphering their Ad Extension Reports.


Oh, and Joe Holliday wants to know what other Bing Ads Reports drive you to the edge of insanity for future installments of his Bing Ads Reporting Series.


More keywords, quicker is Bing’s other key message of late. If you’ve been keeping tabs on the Bing-ster, you might recall the infographic they released a few weeks back in response to the biggest consumer demands:

  • Faster.
  • Easier.
  • Give me all the data!


Well, now you can view 50,000 keywords within the UI at both the Account and Campaign levels, and with near-immediate rendering at that. More on that here.


The week isn’t complete without a stroll around the web-o-sphere…


Search Engine Watch talks about the expansion of AdWords’ My Client Center (MCC) to all users. That means you can access the Java scripts and run custom reports like a boss, and a bunch of other cool stuff that basically puts more time in your day. ‘Bout time! Read more.


The week wouldn’t be complete without touching on the “Will they or won’t they?” mystery surrounding Google+ and whether it will live to see another day. Susan Waldes lays it on the line at Search Engine Land: Look, they’re not killing Google+. It’s a plethora of data for Google. Moving on…


And last but not least, PPC Hero tackles the elusive conversion rate with 53 CRO Tips tied directly to PPC to improve your campaigns. Testing, signup, checkout, CRO is everywhere. Get the whitepaper here.


Now, on with the weekend! Make it a great one.