Hope everyone is having a great weekend and that you are avoiding any stress that the holidays can sometimes bring.  We are digging out from about 6 inches of snow in the Boston area; it looks beautiful and wintry.


Gather ‘round your toasty laptops or tablets, and let’s see what is new in PPC land this week.


First, from Google……..


Things were relatively quiet on the Google front last week, but if you’re interested in maximizing ad views, rather than clicks on the Google Display Network, you should check out this help center article that outlines a new bidding option.  Enabling Viewable CPM means that advertisers bid on 1,000 viewable impressions and pay for impressions that are measured as viewable.


We’ve certainly touted the benefits of using Google Analytics in tandem with AdWords to better see what PPC visitors are doing on your site.  If you haven’t explored the Dashboards feature in GA, you should!  You can create one *just* for AdWords visits and can present data quickly and easily to yourself or the people who pay your bills ;).  Check out an article about your options for setting dashboards up here.


Another cool Google resource we’ve brought up in the past is the Google Think Insights website.  Check out this article about Black Friday and Cyber Monday being multi-device, multi-day events.  While you are in there, scroll around.  The Industries section has some great gems that may also be of use to you!


Now, let’s check out Bing/Yahoo!…..


Curious about how Bing Ads’ editorial policies work?  This article will give you insights as well as give some updates about an addition to the third party products and services section.


Bing Ads blog provides some use cases for the Excel Web App.  Check out the details for raising bids on keywords in bulk, to add match types, and more and see how you can leverage the power of Excel to make large scale updates to your account.


Are you a Bing Ads Pro?  If not, become one soon – it’s super easy!


And *shudder* – it actually IS almost tax season.  Here’s some help from Bing Ads – not for your taxes, but for those who work in the booming online tax preparation/submission industry; or, for those of us who advertise for tax prep products.


And, let’s not forget Bing’s Analytics/Webmaster offering.  If you don’t have Bing Webmaster Tools setup, it’s definitely worth it.


Finally, let’s wrap up from PPC News from around the web…….


Search Engine Land contributors noticed that Google’s beginning to test ads on Knowledge Graph search results.


Search engine market data from Comscore shows search queries being “frozen” for the month of November!  Get the details here


Another new study shows that 70% of searchers look for retailers they’re already familiar with in search results.  See what else searchers look for when using search engines.


That’s it for today folks; have a great upcoming week!